How to Make Wheatgrass Juice at Home? Dr. Vinod Kumar

Dr. Vinod Kumar has made Wheatgrass Juice at Home. He has explained the practical simple steps to make wheatgrass juice at home. You know that wheatgrass juice has many benefits of health like it increases blood cells and hemoglobin, it helps to cure stomach and liver. So, it should make to drink it.

 Steps to make wheatgrass juice 

 1. Buy fresh wheat

2. Add in earth and serve upto its production of 8 to 12 inches.

3. Cut it with cutter and add it in your cotton bag.

 4. Buy Davri sota at here.  and grind it with davri sota. It is better than machine mixture.

 5. Add water and it is ready. Now, drink it. Never keep in freeze.

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