Please Donate for Online Personal Treatment of Our Patients

Hallo Dear Donors, I got lots of patients on my whatsapp whose have no money to treat their disease from my personal online treatment. Because of

(A) They may be poor.
(B) They may be hand to mouth.
(C) They may have big family to survive the cost of medical bill.
( D ) They may have big family food and other need responsibility.
(E) They may be orphan.
(F) They may be no support from parent.
(G) They may be helpless students.
(H) They may be handicapped.
(I) They are unemployed from more than 3 months due to disease.
(J) They may have very less salary.
(K) They are helpless and also no money due to other reasons  ( loss in business, natural dissaster loss, accident loss or loan or any other reason ) and one its result, they are unable to pay our hospital fees for his or her personal online treatment.

Active List of Patients Who Need Donation for Our Personal Treatment 

1. Hernia 1932019
2. Thyroid 1342019
3. Navel 2722019
4.  Tb 1742019
5. Back Pain 1642019,
6 Varicocele 1642019,
7.  Ibs Fan 1642019,
8. Ibs 1642019,
9. Hydrocele 1642019,
10. Chicken Pox 1642019,
11. Hernia 1642019,
 12. Sciatica 1642019
13. Varicocele 2- 1342019,
14.  Constipation 2-1342019,
15. Constipation 1342019,
16. Thyroid 1342019,
 17. Heart Rate Increase 1342019,
 18. Overy Cyst 3-1342019,
19. Ovary Cyst 1- 1342019,
20.  Low immune system 1342019,
21. Sciatica 1342019,
22. Apendicitis+ Fibroids+bleeding 1342019,
23.  Loose Motion + Overweight 1342019
24. Cyst 1342019,
25. Medicine Addiction 1342019,
26. Abnormal Periods 1342019
27.  indigestion 1242019,
28. Hernia 1242019,
29. Endometriosis 1242019,
30. Gallbladder Stone 1242019

Date 19/4/2019

31. Ibs 1242019


Sir I m also unable to pay   u r fee I m a student n not earning money now. My father spent all his saving on my treatment. So I m unable to pay ur debt

Date 20/4/2019

32. Hernia patient Delhi 13122017


Sir my financial condition is not very good I get pocket money for my daily expenses my husband does not believe on naturopathy

This list is big long and soon needy patient list  will be updadated

Donate to Accounting Education

Direct Transfer of Donation in Our Bank Account

Vinod Kumar

State Bank of India 

Account No. 


IFSC Code 


Donation in Our Paytm  Account

Our Paytm mobile no. is 9356234925

Please confirm us after direct transfer of donation in our bank account  or paytm account in our whatsapp no. +91-9356234925 

1. By Saying Patient ID to whom you want to give donation.

{ Important to HELPLESS PATIENT : If you are helpless patient and unable to pay our fees, then give us permission to add your patient ID in above helpless patient list. When, we will get the donor for you and we will receive the the donation for your personal treatment from us, we will start your personal treatment. 

(A)  Write this on our whatsapp +91-9356234925. Yes, I am helpless, please get donation for me and after its success, please treat me personally. 

(B) Please mention the reason of Why are you helpless. Means, Are you handicapped? Or very poor or write other reason to unable to pay our fees. So, we can tell the donors and request the donor for paying our treatment fees.  

If you are not donor or Victim, please share this page more and more people as your kindful duty. 

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