How to Live 400 Years

Yes everyone can live 400 years. In India, people were living more than  400 years. God has given the gift to human being but human and whole new generation has created limitation of long age by their bad habits. So, follow good habits and live 400 years.

1. Bring world pollution at zero level by going everwhere through walking and stop to use machine by working with own hands.
2. Save from chronic disease like High BP, diabetes, cancer, Heart diseases and brain diseases. For this, we have to walk 20 kms daily and do exercise with hands for minimum 2 hrs daily.
3. Stop to eat non-veg., eggs, meat, salt, sugar food, fast food, junk food,  drugs, alchol, smoking, meda food and cold water and use of pressure cooker.
4. Eat more  and more fruits, green organic vegetables and cow milk
5. Boost immune system by following brahmcharya.
6. Do Yoga for breathing control.

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