Why Onion and Garlic is not Eaten for Following Brahmcharya

Brahmcharya is basic source of health in naturopathy. It means, state of mind with pure thoughts and pure action. It also means zero level of lust thoughts in mind. With this, we save our energy which is used for curing any type of disease. So, As naturopathy Doctor, I recommend to follow brahmcharya. In following of brahmcharya, onion and garlic is main barrier because both have the content sexual thoughts.

1. Stop Onion and Garlic if You need to Protect Brahmcharya 

Both onion and garlic have many uses in naturopathy for curing disease but it should not be the part of food. If the patient is so weak due to night fall, sexual addictions like masturbation and watching porn. or more sex addiction, it is highly recommended to stop onion and garlic. Both have the content to engage mind to lust area for relax itself instead of taking positive action. So, if the patient is of that nature, first, he or she should fast from onion and garlic. With this, he will get peace of mind. At zero level of lust thoughts, he will get energy to cure such diseases.

2.Stop Onion and Garlic if You are Doing Meditation

Because you are feeling stress and you need to focus of your mind on one point. So, you need to focus on the choice of your food. If you will stop onion and garlic, your mind will not go to lust because mind's energy's main supply is food. So, it will be easily focus on goal which you have decided instead lust.

In old time, students do not eat onion and garlic before marriage because they need to achieve the study goal instead marriage goal. If you will stop to use onion and garlic for minimum one month in hydrocele and varicocele disease, it is sure, you will get the energy which will cure these diseases.

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