Can We Eat Sprout in Summer

In naturopathy, the use of sprout is must because it boosts the immune system. Immune system is just like blood circulation system or nervous system of body and works 24 hours for protecting our body from different diseases. But due to wrong life style in past 20 and 10 years. Eating oily food and there outside hotel or junk food, it reaches at zero level. So, there is need to boost it with quality food. Sprout is in this place.

Now Come the Question 

Can We Eat Sprout in Summer?

Yes of course. But, we can keep it for long time as in winter season. Reason is one is fungus on sprouts. It means, it is not usable for eating like any fungus bread. Mostly you saw the fungus on wheat sprout if you will keep 2 days or more and other seeds. Now, best solution for this.

1. It is enough to keep 8 to 12 ours for sprout of wheat. Now chew 32 times, it will give same energy.

2. Instead Use single wheat sprout add mung sprout + pudina ( Mints ) + Lemon + Tamator. This will best to eat

3. Just grow green wheat in your kitchen garden when it has green leaves. You can break it and use your davri sota for grinding it and then add water in it and drink as wheat green juice. It will also boost your immune system like sprout of wheat in summer.

4. Check if there is no fungus or smell, you can eat it.

5. There is many other substitute in summer which you can use for boosting your immune system like Rose juice, mint juice, loki juice, green grams, sprout grams which can keep more time than wheat sprout and green power to increase your energy.

Remember in Conclusion

Whether it is summer or winter. If you will make sprout and keep it fresh and without fungus, you can get unlimited power for curing your all disease. There are three parts of best sprout

One is Germ = It is like white hairs of seed

Second is Endosperm = End of white hair of seed

Thrid is whole seed, its cover and inside not so hard after sprout

All are the big source of energy. So, every night before sleeping, make your habit to clean the seed and then keep it in water for 12 hrs. After 12 hrs, withdraw the water and start to use whole day. You can use fruits and dry fruits with it.

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