How to Get Rid of Salt in Food - By Dr. Vinod Kumar

As per scientific research, there is no need of artificial salt in food because it is the invitation to 100 diseases for you. But your mind is out of control because it gets the pleasure of taste through tongue and it wants more pleasure of taste of salt in different food items. So, if you start to give pleasure to mind by giving salt in each item, it will be your addiction and you will become the slave of your mind and mind become the king and he will dead your kidney, heart, liver, intestines, veins and bones. Salt will increase toxin in the body. So, come and learn " How to get rid of salt in food with natural way?" I have made its strategy because soon you and your mind will fight on this issue and you have to become winner on mind. so, follow my following strategy of this fight

 1. Get natural substitute of salt like lemon fruit, desi cow milk, fruits and vegetables.

 2. Get willpower for leaving salt in food by slowly decrease its quantity in food.

3. Motivate your mind by speaking loud about the benefits of leaving salt for better health.

4. Remember, it is not impossible. You can win your mind by leaving salt by remembering that at the childhood you have drunk your mother's milk and not eat salt for whole one year.

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