How to be Happy Everyday in Life

To increase the level of happiness is very necessary if you want to cure your diseases naturally. If your every day level of happiness is not good, it means, you are in stress and you are in fear and it is big chance, you will not cure even if you buy millions of medicine from whole market. Your money can give you medicine but not happiness. There is no direct relationship between happiness and money. You saw there are lots of people in the world which have the money but no happiness. So, there are lots of rich who are in the hospital instead to learn about how to get every day happiness.

So, here, I am Dr. Vinod Kumar explaining the Law of Naturopathy for Happiness.

1. Happiness with Positive Mental Attitude 

Yes, if you will start to keep your mental attitude positive, you will get happiness. There are Simple 5 rules of positive mental attitude which you have to follow.

1st Rule : Speak Self motivating words to Yourself

Every day, you should speak.

I am happy, you will become happy.

I am healthy, you will become healthy

I am beautiful, you will become beautiful

I am powerful, you will become powerful

I am wise, you will become wise.

Give 10 to 15 minutes to speak all these words

2nd Rule : Speak Self - Reminding Words

I came in this world for becoming happy not becoming unhappy

3rd Rule : Self-Mind Motivating Words

Dear my mind, use your all power for making me happy

4th Rule : Other -Mind Motivating Words

Dear all other's mind, use your energy for making me happy

5th Rule : Positivity in Problems

I have the problem, this is good.

I have the difficulty, this is good.

Now, I am ready to solve these problem and it will give me big opportunity

2. Happiness with Leaving Laziness

Laziness is the main source of unhappy. When you face the fear, you stop to do positive action. Never give up. Leave your lazinessness, take positive actions. You will get happiness. For example, if you want to earn money, you need to do hard work. You will be fearful, if you will invest money, it will be dead.. You may face lose. You will think always about risk and feel unhappy, Be brave, invest your money with thinking wisely. Never be gambler. So, you will get big reward. Because you have taken big good action instead laziness.

3. Happiness with Laughing 

If you are unhappy, it means, you have no habit to laugh daily for half hr or 15 minutes. Due to this, you get the bad habit of not laugh in a single day of your life. Laughing increases the level of oxygen in your whole body and brain. You can think better with this. It is positive emotion. It is the win over all negative emotions.

Please watch our Video Tutorial on this. With this, you can understand this concept better way

4. Happiness with Self-Confidence 

Lack of self-confidence will bring the failure in every area of your life. People will not trust on you. You are not speaking with confidence. You are not taking action with confidence. You are not walking with confidence. You are not listening with confidence. You are not talking with confidence. That is the reason, you are not happy. You need to learn self- confidence. Never under-estimate your unlimited potential. Learn new skill every day. If you have the knowledge. If you know how to use your knowledge, you will become the expert and when you will learn to become expert in anything, you will become master and your self-confidence will boost and happiness level will increase.

5.Happiness with Peace 

Peace is very necessary for happiness. Peaceful mind increases the level of happiness because it increases positivity in you. If mind is full of stress and busy in solving uncontrolled problems, you will become unhappy and this unhappy level daily will carry you to chronic disease like kidney failure, heart failure, liver failure. So, stop to speak. So, stop to talk and peace of mind and increase your level of happiness by practise it for 1 hr daily.

6. Happiness with Doing Own Business instead Job

For covering the cost of your living, you need either business or job. It is your choice. I left my last job in 2006 and never saw it and now from 2006, I am doing full time business. Yes, it is challenging. I need to improve everyday but, it is sure, my happiness level is 1000 more than the person who is doing job. So, if you are unhappy from your job. Leave it and start your own business.

7. Happiness with the Use of Your Power of Imagination

In first point's first rule, I told, there is big power in words. So, I recommend to speak self motivating words. In 7th point of Happiness law of naturopathy, I recommend to think and imagine that you are happy.

Selfi your 5 to 10 photos in happy moods and make its big image through printing and keep it in your bed room and office. When you will see it, your imagination power will increase and you will start to feel happiness. Actually, imagination power is big power of mind and brain. If your mind and brain started to make the image of any goal, it will become really. You just promote all things which increase this imagination. Think, you are enjoying the life. Think, you are healthy and spending fun time with family.

8. Happiness with Thankfulness

There is big power if you start to thanks God and 5 people everyday by writing. It will make your attitude of gratitude. With this, your complaining mind attitude will decrease. Complaining will increase your stress level. So, it is necessary to bring its level by gratitude. With gratitude, you can increase your happiness level.

I have made video tutorial on this. You can understand more detail about this.

9. Happiness with Get up Habit at 3 AM

Yes, if you have the habit of get up 3 am, you will feel happy all time because you will do your all daily work on the time. You have the time to improve yourself. You can your extra time for your growth. You can do more exercise. All these things will be happy. For this, you need to sleep at 9 pm. With better night sleep, your body will feel relax

10. Happiness with Pray of God

Yes, to pray of God in the morning and before sleeping is very necessary. Because you demand brain from supreme power just becoming beggar and leaving your all ego. This ego is biggest barrier in your life. You express your plan by speaking to the person who is not in the team because you have the desire to impress other. You have the ego desire to show that you are the leader but you are idiot because without invitation to other, if you tell your plan, it means, you are inviting unwanted opinion. Now, if the opinion is negative, it will negative you also. You will waste your energy to teach him who is not in your team. Who is not the part of your future goal. For example, you told the plan to your wife. Wife is the third party who is not in your team. It means, if she is negative, she will give negative advice to her husband and if her husband will accept it, it means, plan will kill and you will not achieve your biggest goal. So, with pray of God, we bring our ego level at zero level. We pray to God that please give us the power of polite. With power of polite, we will not express our plan to
third party because we are not becoming leader before the success of our plan.

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