Examples of Good and Bad Healthy Life Style

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Every action in this world starts from thinking in mind. We can not do any think, if we do not think about this. If we will repeat the action, it will become habit. You can think 50 thoughts in day and out of this, some are best and you follow it and take the action for 21 days, it will become your best habit. If you will follow 3 months same habit, it will become your life style. So, remember again, three months habit is equal to life style of any human being. Anyone can live good life style and other person may have bad life style. Good life style will make same person healthy and bad life style will make other person unhealthy. So, with example, we will explain, how good and bad life style affects our health.

Basis of Difference 

1. Food 

(A) Good Life Style Person

If there is any disease like diabetes, high blood pressure, kidney problem, liver problem, heart problem and brain problem, all are your life style problem. You did not make the good life style, that is the reason, you have faced such diseases. All people who have good life style do not eat the food morning time. They will keep the fast at the time of morning by just drinking water. They do not eat upto 12 pm. So, their machine will clean by through scrap and dead dust out of body. With this, they feel healthy. Their pancreas work better, their body produce good insulin. If they do not keep the fast, they drink only cow milk, daliya and fruits in the morning time.

Good life style person eats raw and boiled vegetables in afternoon time. Boiled vegetables are very good for health.

Good life style person eat fruits in evening time before 6 pm. He will keep always healthy.

(B) Bad Life Style Person

Now, we explain the person who have bad life style. They will face the diseases now or in future because they eat bad food at morning time. They drink bed tea in the morning time. They say their wife to make tea. Their son also drink bed tea. Their wife also drink bed tea. With this, whole family faces constipation. With this constipation, they capture in chronic diseases. Never drink bed tea. After this, they drink break fast tea. Then, they eat bread and biscuits. All are bad and harmful for good health.  Then, they eat Meggi. Then they eat fast and junk food. This is bad style of a person. 

Bad life style person eats oily food in afternoon time.

Bad life style person eat late night with heavy food. He will become permanent patient of uric acid.

2. Sleeping 

(A) Good Life Style Person

A good life style person sleeps at 9 pm and get up 4 am. It is his good habit. and from last 3 months, he is following same. With this, he will become healthy. 

(B) Bad Life Style Person

Bad life style person will sleep late and get up late. He will suffer the intestine problem because his stomach will move and he will face different other chronic diseases due to this. 

3. Brahmcharya

(A) Good Life Style Person

A good life style person follows the rules of brahmcharya. He will not waste his power by 8 disturbance of mind. He will keep patience. He will control the mind. His immune system will become solid. It will remove all the diseases fastly.

(B) Bad Life Style Person

Other side, bad life style person will spend in sexual activities. Due to this, he will face the bad habit of masturbation and swapndosh. With this, his or her immune system will weak. He will unable to fight with different diseases.

3. All Time Happiness 

(A) Good Life Style Person

This person has given promise to himself that he will become healthy by bring all time happiness in three months. So, it will become his life style. Now, automatically process will go through spreading of positive hormones  in the body which will bring more happiness in his life. It will reduce his stress and depression. So, he will be always healthy. He will see always positive side of all the happening in the life. Whether he has lost the money. He learns the lesson from it and positive way, he feels happy.

(B) Bad Life Style Person

This person will have the the life style person of sadness. With this, he will take more stress, more depression. So, he will face all type of diseases. Once he will face, he will not recover because other major side-effects of medicine.

So, you have to decide to change your life style if you want to become healthy in your life.  Make your good life style and see the result. You need to just focus of your changing your life style. Be determined that you will get up 4 am in 3 months. Strictly follow the brahmcharya for 3 months and see its magic. Bring smile and laugh on the face. It may be fake first time. But, soon, it will become real.  It will make you healthy. Give the smile and laugh input to your brain and mind. 

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