100 Benefits of Brahmacharya - Part 9

Welcome part 9 of "100 benefits of Brahmacharya". Read first  part 1part 2part 3part 4part 5 , part 6 and  part 7  and part 8 

41st Benefit of Brahmacharya: High Energy for Daily Work

With following of brahmacharya, you get high energy for daily work because as long you save your vital energy, it will reserve. For example, you have kept the petrol of 5 Ltr and you see the bike is not going forward, you just change nosel of petrol and keep it on reserve. Happy, you can driving 2 to 4 ltr extra because reserve petrol will help you when there is no petrol in the tanki for reaching petrol pump. God has made advanced system than this. It has also reserved but if you have enough reserve, you will never lack of energy for daily work. Opposite this, if you will break the brahmacharya, your energy level will automatically decrease for daily work. Laziness can easily attack on you because you have leakage. 

Just imagine that there is a Diva ( en English Indian candle which is operated with oil). If there is oil, it will go upward and convert into the energy of heat and light. Yes, fluid can convert into heat and light. But if there is leakage of this oil pot, there will not energy of heat and light even you are sending the oil in it after some time, it will be empty. 

Is not happening with you. You are eating good foot but waste the energy after sex urge and not focusing the brahmacharya and feel always weak of energy and never interested to do any work and fail in the life. So, focus the brahmacharya from today. 

 42nd  Benefit of Brahmacharya: Boost Bravery and Self Confidence

With brahmacharya, your bravery and self-confidence will increase because God is fearless. If you take the step toward his duty truthfully and remember all time to the same god. You will same quality of fearless. If you will overcome your fear, you can increase your bravery and self-confidence. Same quality, we only get from brahmacharya. 

With the power of brahmacharya, one person fights with 1.25 Lakh people and won. 

 43rd  Benefit of Brahmacharya: Become Superman

With brahmacharya, you can become the superman. You have seen in the childhood the superman cartoon. In this, you see, there is big power in superman.

1. Superman can fight alone with 10 people. Brahmacharya will give the same power.

2. Superman can fly in the sky. With following brahmacharya and your sidhi, you can fly with your suksham sharir.

3. Superman can lift heavy things. With following brahmacharya, your both arms will become so strong, you can also lift anything. 

4. Superman can break anything. Yes, this is true. With the Power of brahmacharya, Swami Dayanand broke the sword.

5. Superman can leave without air in the water. Yes, brahmachari's lungs became strong, he can live without air in the water.

 44th  Benefit of Brahmacharya: Never Become the Victim of Lust Urge

With follow the brahmacharya, you become the Tiger who is the hunter not the victim. He hunts his own weaknesses lust and anger. 

It is the biggest excuse of the person who does not follow the brahmacharya that he makes himself the victim

His excuses

I am searching anything and I found bad things and broke the brahmacharya But brahmachari first safe search strict on the search engine and wrote very clear to his query. Brahmachari never uses the search engine without a goal and never searches extra after completing the search.

The victim is the victim because he is not responsible. He is not taking the responsibility to save vital energy. But brahmacharya takes his responsibility first. He never engage in 8 Mathuns at any cost.  

A victim person always complains that his problems of health due to other bad situations but never accepts, he or she is addicted of sex attachment and due to this, he or she wasted his vital energy and his or her complain never hide his or her own weakness. But true brahmachari never complains, he takes responsibility. 

 45th  Benefit of Brahmacharya: Transformation of Life

If you will follow the brahmacharya, you can transform your life. He checks first his own biggest weakness that is his bad habit of sex attachment, He practice changing this bad habit and make the good habits. He commits to become the brahmachari at any cost by not withdrawing the semen for few second pleasure. He spents his time for gaining spiritual knowledge and become the wisdom. 

With brahmacharya, you think positive, you will visualize the power is uplifting and no one can fall it and you will take the action to protect it at the cost of your life. 

Even the brahmachari fails to protect his virya, he starts to improve himself. He checks which is his trigger. 

The trigger may like this. 

Searching something and eye senses collect the poison in mind. 

Positive thinking

At any cost, I have to protect my eyes to see the poison and collect in the mind

Visualize in the mind

What I see everywhere I am seeing my mother


I will learn more and more about brahmacharya. 

Everyone wants to reach at his potential where he is a great power, energy and intelligence and its secret is in the preservation of semen and rj and if you do all action for this and win this and it is sure, you will all your potentials. 

Some people are saying that brainpower is heavy over physical power that is true but as a wise person, it is lie.

Because at the time of emergency, the brain does not work. 

Vinash kale virprit budhi

This means, if you are in anger or lust, your brain will never respond and it will only support what your mind will command. Yes.

Now, what is solution?

Brahma+charya hi jivan hai. 

Brahma means God and charya means move and walking in the path of God where you got both budhi bal and sharirk bal and your life transforms. 

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