100 Benefits of Brahmacharya - Part 10

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 46th Benefit of Brahmacharya: Succeed in the Test of Purity

If anyone tests the purity of mind, very few person will get success in this test. Do you know God is every time giving you same test.

When you will open the WhatsApp

Your mind will attract on the beautiful lady status 

Remember this attraction will fail in the test of your purity.

When you will go to market

Your mind will attract on the beautiful lady

Remember this attraction will fail in the test of your purity.

When you will search on Google, Google play store and youtube and Twitter and Facebook and all online apps or online websites 

Your mind will attract on the beautiful lady image or video

Remember this attraction will fail in the test of your purity.

Remember whether you are male or female opposite attraction will fail you.

Even you have sexual thoughts regarding your life partner after marriage will fail to you in brahmacharya.

That is the reason, test of purity is so difficult. A small sex thought can fail you to progress.

But if you are a deep follower of brahmacharya from your heart, you will succeed all the tests of purities.

When you will open the WhatsApp

Your mind will not  attract on the beautiful lady status 


1. first you will not participate in any group and delete the group as you added in it.

2. Second you will not check the updated status 

3. If your follower added the image lustful, request him or her, to remove it because you are following brahmacharya and you want to talk with him or her future. If not, you immediately block him or her. You have full control on your protection

Remember this positive action can be taken by strict brahmachari and can succeed in the test of purity.

When you will go to market

Your mind will see the beautiful lady

Remember your own mother. see from his mobile and say, this is my mother and I am his son.

With this, his own mother's visualization make his success in the test of purity of mind. 

When you will search on Google, Google play store and youtube and Twitter and Facebook and all online apps or online websites 

Your mind will see the beautiful lady image or video

First fastly close it and close eyes and visualize own mother and speak, it is my mother and I am his son. 

After this, he only focuses on the Goal. He also focuses on the benefits of his brahmacharya which is his worthy diamond

With this, he succeeded the test of purity.

This purity will make him powerful from physical, mentally and emotionally.

If A strict brahmachari is married, he or she makes only a relationship for desire of Baby. After this, he never brings sexual thoughts each other and keeps only spiritual relationships each other. Same relationship is of Ram and Sita. 

 47th Benefit of Brahmacharya: Free from Laziness

A true brahmachari never associates with opposit person for the lustful purpose. With this, every day, energy grows. Day by day, a big stock of energy in his body. Now, same energy makes him always alert. He never feel lack of energy and brings laziness in his mind. 

If you do not follow the brahmacharya, it means, your association is with an opposite person for the lustful person and it has wasted your Virya shakti and you are not now Viryavan that is the reason, you have lack of energy. With small work, you will tire and wants to get entertainment. It is just like running from hard work. Why taking temporary solution. Take the permanent solution that is follows of brahmacharya. 

Once a patient has come to me, told that I am very weak and always feel laziness and my body is paining all the time. I told that you will be full of energy and free from all pain and never comes laziness. Will you follow my medicine. This medicine name is following of brahmacharya.

He told me, I am married and it is impossible. 

I told that it is your fear. It is your weakness. Stop to say this. There is no medicine who make you active who make you powerful who make you energetic. Only and only brahmacharya is medicine. 

You eat it and give it to your wife. Marriage is the pure relationship. Never make it the room of adultery. Stop it.

Never do sex for 6 months, and your laziness will 9,2,11. Try and get result

Laziness sign is of your weak body and mind and not have healthy body.

You eat good, you sleep good and you enjoy your life, all are needed for good health. That is good. but what is benefit if you do not protect this earned health from food, good sleep and enjoy with brahmacharya?

You have the govt. job and you earned every month Rs. 35000 but every month, you go to a gambling shop and play the gambling and waste the Rs. 30000 per month and Rs. 5000 eats the food. 

Once govt. audit department checked and found that you have taken the bribe from the public and Govt. has suspended your govt. job. 

From Govt. Employee, you became a bagger who can not work hard 

1. You wanted to court for fighting the case but you did not have the saved earning. So, you did not fight.

2. You wanted to eat the food of Rs. 5000 but no money

3. You did not do any hard work. So, take the beggar pots and started to demand the money

Is it good? Tell me

Be smart. Be brahmacharya. Save your earned health. Never waste the semen. 

 48th Benefit of Brahmacharya: Find Who am I 

Brahmacharya helps us to find our main answer

Who am I 

I am not mind and mind is just chief minister whose duty to get knowledge and take the work from action sensories like hand, foot, tongue etc. 

I am not knowledge and action sensories. Knowledge sensories like eyes, ears nose, touch and tongue are the employees of my chief minister's mind. Action sensories are also employees of my mind

I am not body, it is just room where live with my chief ministers and employees.

Who am I 

I am soul. 

I have full control on my mind and on my body and on my brain and on my sensories

I can give command to my mind and my mind can command to my brain and my sensories and my brain.

By knowing who I am

every action will be a good action

Every thinking will be good thinking

Every word will be good word.

I am the soul whose aim to find the god.

The God which can not see this eyes. The god which can not listen with these ears. 

For this, I need to withdraw my all sensories and focus on my soul and focus on the God. 

 49th Benefit of Brahmacharya: Save the Damage of Earthquake of Nerve System

Only by following the brahmacharya, we can save us from the damage of earthquake of the nerve system.

Nerve system is body's own current system. These are wires in the human body that is called nerve and it connected with brain. When a person goes to bad way and with his thinking, with his words and with his action goes to lust. It will an earthquake on the body's nerve system. Whole-body will start to shaking after once Virya lose.

You know what are  damages of earthquake on earth

1. Your life can go to death within few seconds of earthquake because your home where are you live will fall on you. and it will be just murder of you without no crime. 

2. Your valuable building whether it is single room or 100 floor will become mud within few seconds of the earthquake. It will your big wealth lose and make you beggar from rich if you have earning source is real estate.

3. Earthquake can fall the bridge, break the roads and due to this, it can break the supply of life important food items and can bring hunger and without water situation.

4. Ground shaking due to earthquake just for 7 minutes can rupture the ground and it rupture inside pipelines, train, road and whole world can feel only cry and sadness. 

5. It can support to landslides and it breaks to undamaged places also.

6. Tsunami can bring with earthquake and it can damage the place near the ocean.

7. Even after earthquake, fire can damage the balancing home of living life. Electricity fire, gas pipeline fire is main due to breaking in its supply and connecting with the home matter which flow the fire like clothes and woods.

Now, what is solution? The solution is stop the unnatural lifestyle and making big and big buildings and stop cutting the trees and disturb the balance of nature.

Now, imagine when continually you waste the Virya through few seconds pleasure of mind, your body nerve system starts shaking  in this earthquake and

You know what are  damages of the earthquake on nerve system of the human body, you can learn an

1. Your life can go to death because with the loss of Virya, your body will start to the weak and weak body gets diseases fastly. Your immune system will also weak. 

 मरणं बिन्दु पातेन जीवनं बिन्दु धारणात् 

Wasting of one drop of Virya is equal to killing and murder of life and saving of each drop of Virya, is the saving of life. 

2. Even you will not die, then your body will so weak with semen loss and you will unable to fight against injustice. Weakness is worse than death because the weak person is a fearful person who dies every day with fear.

3. No proteins, no good food and no medicine will make you healthy which you loss the energy due to breaking of brahmacharya.

4. Nerve shaking can shake your brain also and brain's ability to control the body will lose and loss other things like

Intelligence lose

memory lose

balance to body lose

more chance to paralysis in later life

5. With nerve earthquake and shaking, it will disorder another system like blood circulation system and lymph system. 

6. Every lustful thought brings more lustful thoughts and a tsunami will come in your whole mind which will fall you from your progress and growth as a great personality.

7. Even after wasting of Virya lose, after this damage, more damage will start with life long disease nightfall and thining Virya and lose during small sensation. It will disorder the whole reproduction system. 

Now, what is solution? Start to follow brahmacharya from today. 

50th Benefit of Brahmacharya: High Level of Vairagya 

It means in simple English, you will get detachment with protecting your Vital energy when you flow it uplife instead of withdrawing semen, prostatic juice and sperm from your penis gland. When you growth in the field of brahmacharya, it will be very easy to neglect all the attacks of lust on you. It will make your habit and Soon, you will become a lotus flower and no dust will attach you with your this habit.

If you have not any attachment, you can save from all emotional pain when there will be breakups.

With brahmacharya, you see only God in everywhere and attach same supreme power and it will help you detach with material things. You live a very simple life. Eat small and remember the God. 

With high level of Vairagya, you do not take any insult personally and forgive fastly. No rag and dvash attack on you. 

With high level of Vairagya, you will be thankful to God and pure souls of what you have received for your own soul.

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