Solution of Varicocele Patient's Problem

Yesterday one of my patient from Chatisgarh asked question and demand solution from me. So, here, I am first writing his question in English and then answers for those also who do not know Hindi language.

Patient Says : Dr. Vinod Kumar, you have told correctly that there is no benefit of varicocele surgery.  I went to Basantkunj Fortis Hospital and its Andrologist and Urologist specialist doctor talked with me that they have done varicocele surgery from last 15 years. There will no special benefits after surgery to patient. After surgery, patient may be impotent. Moreover, pain may start after surgery and patient has to pay big money for operation.  So, Sir, please help me, How to cure my Varicocele problem without Surgery?

Answer by Me : Dear Patient, I told that there is no benefits of any surgery for life style mistakes. It is your life style mistakes. Its best treatment is in naturopathy.

1.  First, There is no side effect.

2. Second, there is no chance of re-birth of disease after naturopathy treatment of varicocele because in naturopathy whole body is detoxin and purify.

Please follow my following Steps

1. Watch this Video

Follow its simple rules

1. Get up 3 : 00 AM everyday.
2. Walk 0 to  20 kms daily.
3. Clean intestine by fast
4. stop to eat non-veg., meat,  chicken, eggs,
5. stop to drink cold water and alcohol and cold drinks
6. Stop to eat salt and sugar food.
7. Eat fruits and  vegetables everyday.

You can read read its full detail at here.

2. Follow Brahmchariya 

Yes, a person starts to follow brahmcharya under the control of a wise teacher, it is sure, it will be helpful to cure varicocele patient. Because If you start to follow the strict rules of Brahmcharya, you will get progress of increasing the number of sperms and also ok report of your victim veins. we will focus, why and how will it be possible.

Please read full content at here.

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