Testimonial from Varicocele Patient | Cured without Surgery

A whatsapp message and video talk from the my patient , " I have increased my confidence and happiness after my  naturopathy treatment from Dr. Vinod Kumar and meeting live with same doctor.  and I was very upset after increasing the pain of varicocele problem and doctor told me to come and operate it through surgery. I rejected surgery and started to follow naturopathy.

" He had varicocele problem in right side. I did also yoga but when he started my naturopathy. His swelling reduced. Also the vasucal tube litter bit thin. Size has small. Not like before. " He is feeling zero pain and increased confidence. That he won the match of curing without use of surgery. With his willpower, he declared surgeon as failure. He conceived it, he believed it and now he achieved it.

 Now, if you have the problem of variocele  and want to cure it without medicine and surgery and with naturopathy rules, please book your appointment with me ( Dr. Vinod Kumar ) at my WhatsApp No. +91- 9356234925 by telling your name, address, and detail of varicocele problem.

English Script but in Hindi  Language

ydi app ko varicocele ki samsya hai to app ydi mere se ese bina surgery va medicine se thik krana chahte hot aaj hi apna appointment book kijiye mere whatsapp per. mera whatsapp no. hai +91-9356234925



Dr. Vinod Kumar

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