Why should We Sleep Early at Night

Our body need to sleep 6 to 7 hours daily if we have to cure our disease and become healthy all the time. If you will sleep at 8 pm, you can make the habit of getting up at 3 am. So, you will get all the benefits of getting up 3 am. I have diagnosed many patients, they have lots of reasons of awaking in night but they have no reason to sleep early at night. So, here, I am making the list of sleeping early at night.

1. Self Healing Process Working at the beginning of Night 

As a naturopathy Doctor, I have lots of health habits. One of great health habit which I follow, I sleep early at the night between 8 pm to 9 pm. 9 pm is my dead line because next day, I have to get up at 3 AM. I am telling you the secret of this.

Your self healing process will work at the beginning of night. If you are following are naturopathy rules but you do not follow this naturopathy principle, you will fail to cure your disease fastly because our body's own self-healing process starts his work early in the morning. People who are facing uncurable disease from 10 to 20 years. One of the main reason, they did not make the habit of sleeping early at the night which starts from 7 pm. If you sleep 7 pm, that is great. Body machine automatically process start to cure disease if you will sleep every day honestly at 7 pm by sacrificing your favourite TV shows and other work.

2. All Animals and Birds Sleeps Early at night 

We can learn lots of things from animals and birds. All sleep 7 pm to 8 pm in every night whether it is winter or summer. But your summer sleeping habit is more bad and you will go to bed at 12 pm that is reasons, animals and birds are more healthy than human being. So, learn from them and change your routine of sleeping. All animals and birds got god gift of health and same gift you will get if you will sleep early at the night.

3. Helpful to boost immune system of body

Our body will make more white blood cell if we will sleep early at the night. Our body immune system will boost if we will sleep early at the night. With this immune system, we can fight our diseases and remove our body's all toxin.

4. It is Easy to Manage Time Next Day

Today, one of main reason of your disease is your stress. This stress will come from delay of work. Delay of work means, you are not managing time properly. Manage time will good if you will get up early in the morning. You never get up early in the morning if you did not sleep early at the night.

5. For Getting More Next Day Energy 

Next day energy will be more if you will rise before sun rise if you will get up after sun rise, your energy level will low. You will never get up before sun rise because you had slept late in the night. So, stop this bad habit and get more energy by sleeping early at night and get up early at morning before sun rise

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