What are the causes of gallstones


If you have gallstones or gallbladder stones, it means, you it has lots of causes which has developed this situation in your life. If you will improve your lifestyle, your causes will remove. Without causes, there will no existence of gallstones. 

1st Cause: Eating of Unnatural Food

Unnatural food makes the gallstones. You eat more sugar and salt food. It makes you gallstones. You eat refined oil, it makes the gallstones. You eat oily food, it makes the gallstones. You eat outside food like dosa, edli, pav bhaji, pulav, sandwich, it makes gallstones. You eat hotel food which is fully fried, it makes gallstones. You eat dry namkeen, chips, wajis mox, it makes the gallstones. You eat chinese food and pizza, it makes the gallstone. You eat more rice which is without polish, it makes the gallstones. You eats non veg, eggs and meat, it makes your gallstones. You keep your food in plastic, it makes the gallstones. You use the freeze, it makes the gallstones. You use the cold drinks and ice fruity which makes the gallstones. 

2nd Cause: You Do not Eat Daily Natural Food

In natural food, fruits of each season come. You do not eat fruits. Fruits cleanse the gallbladder of the body but you daily avoid it because you developed unnatural food tastes and eat more and more unnatural. If you try natural, you use salt and spice and eat the fruit chat which creates the gallstones instead remove it. 

3rd Cause: You Think Negative 

Daily you think negative. Negativity is big food to your mind. The mind gives  negative direction to the brain. The brain produces negative chemicals and it will go to the whole body and body affects your gallbladder and gallbladder will work properly and it makes the gallstones. 

4th Cause: You Do not Think Positive

Positivity is power, it gives positive food to the mind. The mind gives positive direction to the brain and the brain releases positive hormones and it heals the whole body. No gallstones can live in gallbladder. It will remove, if you think positive and say, I am healthy but you always say, I have a problem, I have a big problem. I am unable to solve it. Why happens to me. I pray to god in my temple. Your temple is of stone but your body is your real temple. Inside you, God lives, when he sees, this person gives me always the food of negative emotions like hate, anger, jealousy and fear. God leaves your body. God lives where there is purity in the mind which comes with positive thinking. But due to your negative thinking, gallstones becoming big and big. 

5th Cause: Overthinking of Future and Past

You always think what is not in control that is your future and past. It is your biggest bad habit. Due to this, you only get fear and guilt. Both are negative impacts on your healthy lifestyle and disorder body liver and gallbladder and it makes the gallstone in your body. So, focus on what is in your control. Try to improve slowly your situation. Never think about the future and past. Live today's life today. It will carry you far for positive action in the current time by taking sources which is under your control. 

1. Sun never comes two times.

2. Pregnant woman gives birth after 9 months.

3. 100 days, food, you can not eat today.

4. Milk which falls down, you never drink

5. Sunsets in the west, never rises in the same direction. 

6th Cause: Living Lazy LifeStyle

More watching tv, mobile and internet, you become lazy. Your laziness disturbs the flow of pure oxygen and blood in your gallbladder and due to this, toxin starts to grow in your body. Gallstones are also toxin which comes from laziness and your body is unable to send it outside from gallbladder. 

7th Cause: Never Do Regular Exercises 

If you will not do regular exercises, you will not get the benefit of exercise. Exercises strong the liver and gallbladders and it gets the strength to remove gallstone. If you do not do the exercise, your gallstones will increase. Body movement is must for good health. 

8th Cause: Do late night work

If you work late night upto 11 pm and 12 pm, it will become the cause of your bad health which comes from your gallstone. So, be an early sleeper for removing gallstone and get up early in the morning. 

9th Cause: Eating Medicine

For removing the gallstones, you try to eat different medicines. All medicines give side effects, it increases the size and quantity of gallstones instead of removing them. 

10th Cause: Family and Relationship Stress

Family and relationship stress can impact bad on your health. It may be one of the reasons of your gallstones. For removing this, you do not do the meditation and focus on breathing. Due to this, you always live in these bad situations and makes your own destiny. 

11th Cause: Not following Brahmacharya

If you do not have the self-control and always break the brahmacharya for getting sensual pleasure for few seconds, you waste your vital energy. It is the cause of your gallstones. So, focus on brahmacharya by remembering its benefits.  

12th Cause: Complain, backbite and Criticise 

These are 3 enemies which have the power to upset your mind. If you involve in it, you never speak the truth and lack of truth will bring gallstones for you. 

Now, be honest for self-healing, remove the above causes for removing your gallstones fastly. Watch the following video, it will help you.

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