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Treatment of Dog Bites without Rabies Vaccine - By Dr . Vinod Kumar

Hello dear friends,

  I am Dr. Vinod Kumar. Friends, today we will talk about how we can treat dog bite without rabies vaccine, so it is common that if you live somewhere in India, you can be bitten by a dog, then how can it be treated? If you want to do this without the rabies vaccine, look, first of all we know that Louis Pasteur had created the rabies vaccine on July 9, 1885. Okay, so my question is.

  Was there no treatment of dog bites before that?

  This country of India has been suffering from dog bites for millions of years. There were sages and sages who lived in the forests. Shri Ram charitra manas showed that shri ram spent 14 years in forest. There would be wild dogs there, there would be wolves too, so how would they be treated if someone became victim of them? So this is the biggest lie which Louis Pasteur and his team created and The World Health Organization is promoting this that there is no treatment for dog bites other than the vaccine we have, so you should get the vaccine.

 Our sages and sages, who were even before them, were Mr. Louis Pasteur. Tell me, There are forests in France. Is it winter there throughout the year, then where would the forests be, then the dogs so dangerous as they are in India would not be there.

  At that time he had given 14 injections of rabies, now he has made five vaccines.

  Now listen to the law of nature which was used by the people of India for millions of years, it was used even before 1885, the above law of nature is being tried to be removed.

So what is the law of nature?

  There are already enough antibodies in the body. There are enough antibodies in the body. If any animal bites, then we have to protect ourselves from it. OK to kill the rabies virus.

  I will give you an example

  Do you use a knife ? Now you also cut vegetables with it. Many people also defend themselves. Earlier there were many swords. Okay, so, after using it, it is depreciated. so the human brain says, I will tell how to sharp it again.

. Now it does not cut vegetables. It has become a machine. The one which has a stone on it, if you rub it on the stone then it becomes sharp then what does it mean that sharpening is an antibiotic, it has become an antibody.

Who discovered this? The human body discovered this. His brain discovered that it has become sharp knife. But

Now my question is, this body and the dog's body, who made? 

God who is sole creator of whole universe. 

So, God also made  the antibodies in both of them in their body? When the dog wanted to defend itself, it bit and gave poison. Now its antibodies should already be in my body 

because God has a bloody brain. If I add human's billion brain also, then God is even bigger than that because he is the creator of human brain. Whatever inventions have been done till now, we have made robots till now, we have come to the level of artificial intelligence, no matter how much we have discovered. He does it only with the brain, so he has a bigger brain than that. Already when he created a dog and a human being, he created antibodies in both.

If it bites, sometimes even a person gets mad and a dog also bites, then both of them have defense antibodies in their body.

Both are God's children ok

Just as the human body has to make any invention, it makes it spicy, similarly God has created antibodies in us first, this faith should be there in you if you want to get well.

Let me tell you a story

 my father was bitten by a dog on 3-3-2024.

I was riding a bike and when I was riding, the puppy came forward and when it came forward, it screamed. Now its mother was there, so it neither saw nor heard anything. It bit my father.

  If his child has got any injury, then she gave punishment to my father. Well, now my father has been bitten by a dog, two bites were placed on his leg. Okay, I will also snap him, according to me,  it after a 10 day or 15 days later after accident.

Okay, after that I healed him with the nature of God, did not take any rabies vaccine and today my father has become completely healthy, you can see his foot in the screen shoot, I will give it here, okay

 You have to talk on the phone, you have to do video talk and you can do it with my father, so I am explaining to you here what I did, see now 3-4-24, it had taken a month, father did not give any vaccine, rabies vaccine because my The principle is with nature, if I can cure my father with that God's nature, then you can also be cured. If you are bitten by a dog, then whatever steps are there in it.

  What are the steps

  1. Do not wash the wound with soap

  (Never Clean dog bite wound with soup but with neem, fitkari or gaumutra)

 Father's wound was not washed with soap. Okay, so what do you want to wash with? Cow urine or alum water. The biggest antibiotic is cow urine and alum. One more thing you can apply is you can boil Neem water in it, you can also boil Neem water, you can also boil Alum water, you can also boil Neem water, you can wash with it.

 Okay, so these three things can happen, after that apply redness on the wound. applying chilli

But father said that Red chilli may burn my wound, so I said that God has given many other essences, so I have applied turmeric, celery and alum powder. If your patient or you have more will power, then you can apply red chilli, it is a little spicy. If it is then it will give a very good effect, ok and you will be completely fine, the effect will start appearing in three or four days.

  For the wound, I made powder of these three things: turmeric, alum and celery (AJVAYAN) and applied it. Okay, apply a little Sarso oil. Apply it. If you don't want to, don't apply it or it might stick.

2. Eat Desi gay mata ghee + kali mirach for removing dog poison

Just like any animal bites or bites, it has poison in it. This gentleman discovered that this is a virus, it will make you hydrophobic and we gave it a name, poison, okay.

  What poison was given to whom in naturopathy?

  So how to eliminate this poison, our desi cow is the mother, so what do you have to do, take two spoons of desi ghee from the desi cow, okay, add half a spoon of black pepper in it, once a day or twice a day, like poison. If he wants to feed them, then I also milked the local cow of my house, put curd in it, took out butter from it, took out desi ghee and added about half a spoon of black pepper in it and fed it to father. Within four-five days, all his poison was gone and the antibiotic in his body also started working. 

3. Eat more and more fruits

you also eat more fruits. After that, I fed fruits to father.

4. Never Eat non veg., eggs and fish

  Father does not eat non-veg and eggs and fish.

So you must not eat this if you have dog bite because in the France that we are talking about on 9th July 1885, almost all the people there are non-vegetarians, they eat all this meat on the seashore, the beef from here goes to European countries. Their immunity is low from within, Shakha Hario's immunity is very high, okay

So Indians were 100% vegetarian. so don't eat this

Now gradually the trend of Non vegetarian has increased in India. That is reason our immunity is decreasing day by day. 

5. Not to drink milk (special dog and snake bite)

  Milk is not given in case of snake and dog bites.

  Do not feed milk. Desi ghee, I said, you can give lassi to drink

You can give patient  desi ghee and black pepper to it. 

6.  Drinks of turmeric

Put turmeric half a teaspoon or one teaspoon in hot water and feed  daily. This increases immunity. When you get completely well, after that you can add turmeric with milk. Then experiment with these seven things on them.

  Within a month, his wound was completely healed. There is no symptom. If you search on Google, what is the symptom? Brother, after a dog bite, there will be many symptoms. Hydrophobia, fear even of water, father drinks water from the pot. Let's drink water and enjoy. 

 this is a big attack on India treatment system  by foreign companies, foreign pharmaceutical companies and foreign English medicines.

 you connect your nature and my father can recover from dog bite and the next day we also went to feed milk to that dog.

  99% of the dogs are not mad, they are residents of some street, the people there feed them milk, that is why they are very smart dogs, they are very intelligent and if they have not bitten like this, then we have accepted the mistake

We show go far from dogs . I also will keep a distance from street dogs.

If there is no need for a puppy to scream, then you should also go to the streets, love dogs, dogs are the part of our eco system. There is a very big free watchman in our street, ok, treat him, even if he is bitten, feed him milk, if you make him healthy, his immunity will increase, ok, 99% of the dogs do not go mad, I am saying it once again, just once. Then I will tell you the system

Not use  rabies vaccine

Brother, we have cow urine, we have alum water, we have neem water, clean it with that.
This is the biggest antibiotic. Red chilli is an antibiotic and an antivirus. We have had people using red chilli for millions of years.

Keep applying the powder of turmeric, alum and carom seeds in your house till it gets cured. Okay, after that you can take two spoons of Desi Cow in the morning and evening and add half spoon of black pepper in it and feed it.

  If you feed fruits in the morning and evening, I also used to feed fruits to my father in the morning and evening. He was not giving milk. Okay, don't drink milk. I told you not to eat non-veg. Eggs or fish. Put turmeric in boiling water and drink. This is the cure. If any If you want personal treatment from me for your illness then my number is +91- 9356 34925

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Swami Dayanand Naturopathy Hospital: Treatment of Dog Bites without Rabies Vaccine - By Dr . Vinod Kumar
Treatment of Dog Bites without Rabies Vaccine - By Dr . Vinod Kumar
Swami Dayanand Naturopathy Hospital
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