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How to Cure Your illness by Making Good Relations with Others

 If your relationship with others is not good, then it has a side effect, your disease will not cure naturally. Because where there is no good relationship, there can be only bad relations. And if you don't have good relations with others and with your people and with your family and with your relatives, with your friends, with your customers and with the world, then, your only hate and anger will increase, you will face also stress due to bad deal with customers. You will be only victim of anger, jealousy, ego. All creates bad harmons in your body and your disease will only increase. 

When building a good relationship will make you stress free, you will have many friends to take care of, you can enjoy more peace, love, brotherhood and peace, all these things can cure your illness and keep you healthy. Because your confidence increases that you are not alone, the whole world with whom you have good relations and is ready to take care of you. Come let us learn in what ways you can build your good relationship with others.

1. Never criticize, Abuse, slander, backbite and complain about people

See, a sick person should avoid criticism, condemnation, evil talk like abusing, slander and complaint of other people. As far as possible, until the disease is cured, he should calmly follow the natural laws. Because one, at this time the physical power of the sick person becomes very less and if he will waste this less energy on those things which are of no use, then the disease of the sick person will never be cured. Second, when we criticize, abuse, backbite and slander of other people, then the other person will also make false accusations against you to protect himself and to protect his reputation. Which will hurt you mentally. Due to which negative thoughts in your mind like hating that person, and talking to him with anger. Is it right for you? Because by this you are drying your blood which has immunity cells and due to this your disease increases even more.

This is also not the right time to complain because nothing will be achieved by doing this, only the negative feeling will increase in you. let's learn how


A sick person who is ill with a complex disease . And for the last five years his disease was not cured. He has taken many doctor's medicines till now, but till now his disease is big and has not subsided, due to which his health and money have suffered a lot. For which he has mental stress and for this he blames all the doctors and fiercely criticizes, backbite, slanders and criticizes them.

He came to know of a new doctor from YouTube whose name is Dr. Vinod Kumar.

Sick person : I am a sick person  with a complex illness. And for the last five years his disease was not cured. Help me cure my illness.

Dr. Vinod Kumar : After talking to the sick person, I do not have any medicine, yes I can give you my "Personal Treatment for 3 months" which will have natural rules, its fee is Rs. 15000. It has no side effects and will protect you from side effects as well.

 The patient listened and hung up the phone and started giving WhatsApp messages.

Sick person : He started complaining while abusing me very dirty. I thought you (DR. Vinod Kumar) would give me this personal treatment free. But like you and all the doctors, they turned out to be thieves and robbers.

The last a doctor is thief  and he has robbed all my money { in front of me and he is complaining past doctors } and now you are ready.

Then while abusing (anger has increased in the mind) part of the sick person, have seen many like you.

You do not know anything, you have not cured anyone, you have made a couple of testimonial people by buying them. You are full 420, you will go  hell

(Then my criticism, evil and condemnation started)

Taking advantage of the illness of sick people, you make a YouTube video and run a business of robbing them of money on WhatsApp. You should be in jail.

I read and listened all this and closed my eyes and meditated on my Lord who has created my body and his body. I am thankful to God that he gave me the strength to bear these hurtful words and arrows and gave me the knowledge which I can give him free.

I started writing

My Answer: Dear friend, I am thankful to you because

(1) You gave me what you had. without partiality. without expecting any service from me.

(2) I admire your courage. You are a very courageous person. Who has the power to raise voice against injustice.

(3) What was in your mind and you did not keep it in your mind. And told me what's on my mind. This is also your commendable work. Because you are better than thousands of people who do evil of Doctor Vinod to thousands of people behind of my backs.

But I am sorry, you spend so much energy criticizing, abusing, evil talking and complaining, for which I do not see any benefit. On the contrary, your anger, your hatred is burning you from within.

Your goal is to cut the roots of your disease. I have made YouTube free video  before asking for Rs. 15000 from you for my personal treatment.

It was clearly written, in the title of its YouTube video

Natural treatment of your disease without medicine and operation

5 or 10 points were said in it. Common in all videos.

isn't it good

You take a resolution from today, even though there is a lot of talent in Dr. Vinod Kumar, he is not fit to be called a doctor at any cost.

 But her words have emanated from the soul, because of which he has drawn me, to talk to him on his WhatsApp, like a magnet pulls iron, like mercury pulls gold, like a calf out of a thousand cows, Comes drawn to the mother, like the sun pulls all the darkness to itself, like a lotus flower, pulls the nectar water in the swamp, this soul which belongs to doctor Vinod, it was created by God, like your soul have been made, so follow that free advice

And stop wasting your energy by going to all the doctors.

My rules are not mine but God's orders and you should follow it, it is free

1. Woke up early in the morning, Drink water and thanks for the blessings of God, it may be due to illness, one part may not have been the right work of you, but God has given the body which has more than 10 billion parts, some are very small less than our body hairs. 

2. Cleaning the stomach, doing yoga, easy meditation and long walks

3. Eat only fruits in the morning and don't eat anything

4. Always eat food with salad in the afternoon with boiled lentils and vegetables.

Before going to sleep at 8 o'clock in the night, thank God once again

By doing this all the diseases get cured. Because this rule is made by God. Kindly follow

By criticizing, by doing evil, by criticizing and by complaining and by slander, you do not take care of following the above rules and you are always ill.

because it is said

Karma is worship

Without action, all knowledge, goals and plans are destroyed.

You have to concentrate only on good deeds and they will have good results because God gives the fruits of every action. Just as you have received this flower of knowledge by your deeds of writing to me, in the same way, by doing good deeds of health, your goal of eradicating disease from the root will also be fulfilled.

One more thing to note, it was also the goal of the sick person that Doctor Vinod should stop the work asking for 15,000 from the sick, improve it and treat the sick for free with body, mind and money,

But on the contrary, I (Dr. Vinod Kumar) started telling him the things of knowledge. Similarly, it happens to everyone and no one gets better by criticizing, criticizing, doing evil, complaining. Improvement comes when we resolve to improve ourselves.

2. Counting Your Mistakes Before Criticizing Others

If a sick person has the compulsion to criticize others and only wants to tell the truth, but this is going to increase his illness, yet he has a desire in his heart that he will get happiness from this by telling the truth. That the other person has made a huge mistake, but before saying this, the sick person should tell his mistake in detail.

Suppose a patient quarrels with a shopkeeper and criticizes the shopkeeper.

I have become ill by eating your old and bad flour, you are a swindler, you sell these shoddy goods to make people sick. You should be in jail, I will close your shop and I will file a case against you.

See, this will spoil your relationship with the shopkeeper.

Second, he will also blame you that you are lying

Thirdly, he will also say that he will file a case against you that you have ruined his reputation of 20 years.

This will only create hatred, anger and fear in you, which will make your disease worse.

So, make a list of your true mistakes that you have to tell first.

(A) Dear shopkeeper, I have become very ill in the past, in which I have made many mistakes.

I started taking the stress of my work a lot. And in a hurry, I could not provide good service, for which my clients were provoked and my health also deteriorated due to this stress. Apart from this, I did not exercise, due to which my toxin did not come out of my body and I became very ill.

 Then I met Dr. Vinod Kumar, he told me health tips. He told me that my stress is the cause of my illness and regretted doing wrong things in a hurry. That's why I now work slowly and carefully and do not take stress. You are my friend, I have seen many times that you also work very quickly, I also advise you to work slowly without stress, so that all your work will be good. Recently, I had taken some flour from you, in this hurry I think that you have grinded the old Karnak which I did not like to eat, this has happened for the first time. I hope you will take care of this which will make you and your customers happy.

3. When the person in front criticizes you, tolerate it and forgive him in your mind.

Now you have come to know that one should not criticize, criticize and criticize others, it is of no use, if someone criticizes and criticizes and evil in front of us, then remember these three things.

a) I praise and thank you, you have done my evil in front of me, you are better than thousands who flatter me on my face or do thousands of evil behind my back.

b) Calm down at that time and think in your mind, I have forgiven it because at this time I believe that the thinking of this is not positive. And if there is a mistake in my future, then I will apologize

c) go away from there as soon as possible and say, I don't agree with you right now, sorry for the disagreement, I have more work then we will talk about this topic later.

4. give genuine praise to others

If you give genuine praise to others everyday for small things, then one thing will cure your relationship and secondly your disease will also be cured by this. Come know how your illness is cured by giving genuine praise to others.

A) When you give genuine praise, positive hormones are produced in you, because you are praised because you were inspired by others or you got some benefit.

(B) When you make a habit of giving genuine praise to others, then your attention is focused on the good things of other people and your attention does not go to the bad things of others, due to which evil does not come in you , this evil It is the toxin that increases your disease. and goodness heals your sickness

5. Try to see from another's point of view

If you want to cure your illness by making good relations, then try to see from the point of view of others. If you see 9 then others see 6, don't insist on seeing 9 and try to see 6 on his side. One, you will not be arrogant because what you are saying is right and the other is wrong. This humility will make your relationship better and will save you from anger and you will also be cured of your disease in peace.


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Swami Dayanand Naturopathy Hospital: How to Cure Your illness by Making Good Relations with Others
How to Cure Your illness by Making Good Relations with Others
Swami Dayanand Naturopathy Hospital
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