How will be Contraction in Intestine ?


If you have the only contraction in your intestine muscles, you may have the IBS if you will not solve this problem. For digestion food, the digestion system works day and night. Your own duty will complete when you add food and chaw it. Next part is done by God. 

Intestine muscles will do contraction and relaxation and send the food from the stomach pouch to small intestine and then the large intestine where food is converted into food juice and the next part goes to anus for stooling.  

Now, the question is why the intestine muscles does not get relax. Now, it is your mistake which food you give to your stomach. If you give the wrong thoughts to your mind, your mind will disturb and your brain will not relax.

If you will give wrong food to your digestion system, it will work hard and will not relax and due to this, your intestine muscles contraction comes. Following is its list

1. Eating non veg. eggs and chicken and fish

2. Not eating on time

3. Continue eating every hour

4. Packet food

5. Duba band food

6. Factory food

7. Old food which becomes food poison

8. Milk from chemical

9. Using polyethylene in food products

10. Using freeze

11. Eating refined oil food

If you will eat this food, you will get only constipation and loose motion and long run, it will convert in IBS. Because these food will disturb the normal movement of digestion system. Normal movement means contraction and then relaxation of the intestines and absorbing nutrition from food. 

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