How to Turn White Hair Black Naturally - By Dr. Vinod Kumar

I am 41 years old and my birth year is 1980 and My hairs are black. You have to do hard work to find one white hair in my head. Do you want to become like me? 

 If you want to turn your white hair black naturally, you need to follow some simple following rules and regulations.

1. Stop to take the stress

Stress is the main reason of your white hair. Never take. If you have taken it, now stop it immediately by meditation daily.

(A) Stop Personal loan

The loan makes human old fastly. So, never take it. If took, fast repay it after this, you will get relax and you will get good sleep and naturally, your hair will start to black without any artificial use.

(B) Stop Educational Stress

Never take educational stress. Education is used for knowing new things. Study more books and understand the concepts. Never fear failure. Failure is part of success.

(C) Stop Health Stress

If you have any disease. No need to take the stress of disease. The disease will heal if you not take the stress and if you will not take the stress, your white hair will start to turn black naturally without any medicine.

2. Follow Brahmcharya

You must follow the brahmacharya. Stop to use 8 mathun for wasting vital energy of your life.

3. Eat Natural Food

Always eat only natural vegetarian food. Never eat non-veg and eggs and ship. All will white your hair. 

Awala is great. Eat this fruit on the season.

4. Control Anger

It is my habit, if someone brings anger in me. I start to stop talk for 1 years. Use this formula. Anger goes, your white hair starts to become black hair.

Video Tutorial

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