Inguinal Hernia Treatment without Surgery

Inguinal hernia is a type of hernia that occurs mostly in men but can also occur in women and children. 

First of all, understand its meaning

 If there is a hernia in our body below the abdomen and above the thigh, then it is called an inguinal hernia. In this, the inner skin breaks and the small intestine starts coming out and there is pain, it goes inside while sleeping, sometimes this small intestine comes out due to the weakening of the inguinal ring, even then it is a hernia. Following are the steps of its treatment:

1. Accept and believe that it can cure your inguinal hernia without surgery

First of all, you have to accept that you have faced this problem due to your lifestyle mistake. Without accepting, naturopathy treatment of inguinal hernia will not heal you because doubt is a barrier. 

Second, you have to believe 100% that your inguinal hernia will heal without surgery. Believe will help to achieve in this mission. 

2. Heal your inguinal hernia with natural energy or Pancha-maha-bhuta energy

Nature has 5 elements, fire, air, water, soil and sky. You have to get positive energy from these elements and heal your disease.

Hole of this hernia is not problem. The problem is disease content which came after hole and it is a barrier to heal by immunity. Now, we will give natural energy to support immunity. Immunity will strong and heal it. 

This energy will so strong, it will start to force to heal this hole distance slowly if you will follow strict rules of nature. 

3. Fire can burn your disease

Agni or fire has the power of change, heat and light. With its ability, it can burn your disease. It can remove your disease. Direct fire, you can get holy fire morning and evening and 1 hr sun energy daily. 

4. Water can remove your disease from your body.

Water has the power of fluidity, fluidity and harmony. With this energy, you can remove your disease from the stomach through urine and stool. For this, drink 3 times water and take 3 times juice in a day. 

5. Wind Can Carry Your Illness Out of Your Body

Wind has the power of speed and direction. If you will get this energy, your this hernia will heal without surgery. Wind if harmful, it can take the our life also through big storm. and if we use its very small energy through breathing exercise, we remove our problem. Where there is oxygen, there is no disease.

6. Soil or Earth Can Kill Your Disease in Your Body

Soil has the power of solid and stable. If you will use this energy, you will heal this disease. 

7. Sky can cure the disease

the sky is the power of resistance. No disease can barrier of this. With proper rest, we can get this energy. 

When all these forces work together then your hernia gets cured.

Now, use it practically

We get all these energies with two ways

(A) With Eating Food

We have to stop to take the taste 

1. We have to stop eat non veg., eggs, and meat

2. We have to stop Ice cream and cold drinks

3. We have to stop party food

4. We have to stop Tea and coffee

5. We have to stop Sweets

6. We have to stop Namkeen

7. We have to stop online food order

8. We have to Packet food

9. We have to stop oily food

We have to start following natural rules for eating

1. Eating more fruits

2. Eat green veg and salad

3. Drink wate and juice

4. Eat fresh food and never use freeze

5. Stop eating fast and eating very slow and yes, fast or water fast some time

6. No over eating

7. No late night eating

8. Rest 8 hrs and never eating

9. Get some sun 

(B) With job or Work

If you will not stop your natural pressure of urine or stool passing during work, you will get energy

Many people fail in it. Due to shy nature, they face the disease. Never stop urine. Never stop stool and clean your stomach. 

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