How to Cure Hernia Naturally

 Question by Patient 

Respected sir, suffering from ingunial hernia since 3 months,  hernia getting bigger, but still when l lie down on pushing it goes in, l want to get it cure naturally, please help me, it is now going into andkosh, lam pure vegetarian, deeply religious person, please advice me, can l contact you personally, highly inspired, by your video,,found you on quora, have subscribed your channnel &uploaded your app, please.

Answer by Me 

Thanks for following me on social network. Following are the simple steps 

1. Follow strict rules of brahmcharya, it will increase the vital energy and which heal the hernia. Know the benefits of brahmacharya first at here

2. Eat satvik food only

3. Walk 20 km daily

4. Never stop the pressure of Urine

Watch this video 

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