How can I use my time effectively?

 With brahmacharya, you can make use of your time effectively. When the mind becomes sensual, then this craving of the mind never ends and due to this your precious time is wasted, the time once gone does not come back. If you spend this time in good works, then it is the best use of all the time. The time when you spoil by thinking wrong thoughts, at the same time a ripe celibate achieves success by investing in his studies and his work, but the foolish lust addicted people does not understand this.

If you did not make good use of your student life, then later this will be your biggest mistake, which you will write with your pen, that I wasted time in wrong things, due to which I could not study during the student period, then instead of writing this history Make good use of your life time by strictly following brahmacharya from today itself.

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