Best Pranayaam for Enlarged Spleen

 Pranavaam is very helpful to reduce the size of spleen and heal enlarged spleen. After this, there is no need to do any surgery. Pantajali Rishi has given the 8 yog sutra and its 4th part is pranayaam. With this, we can heal the enlarged spleen without surgery. For this, you have to patience which is also part of yog. You have to determined it morning and evening.

By pranayaam, pure oxygen will go to the cells of spleen gland, it will detox it and convert it into normal size. It also remove the bad gases from it by giving it heat Energy because paranyaam increases heat of body.

Do following 3 Pranayaam daily

1. Long Breathing for 5 Minutes

You have to take long breath upto 5 second, hold 5 second and exhale within 5 second. Do it for 5 minute. 

2. Speaking Om for 5 Minutes

Om is the name of God. It will protect us from all diseases. Use it through pranayaam. Just take long breath and try to speak om for one minute in single breath. Take its 5 set in 5 minutes

3. 30 Second Breathing Hold for 5 Minutes 

Try to hold breathing for 30 second. If you are new and unable. Try to slow and increase your ability upto 30 second. Do its practice for 5 minutes. 

3 (I). 1 Minute Breathing Holding for 5 Minutes

In this, you have to try to take long breathing and hold it for 1 minute. Take its 5 sets in 5 minutes

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