5 Best Exercises for Enlarged Spleen

If you want to decrease your spleen size and convert enlarged spleen to normal, following are the best exercises. 

1. Touch Nose to Knees Exercise 

Just sit on the earth and spread your legs and now try to touch your hand to your foot and nose to your neck. It will help to reduce the size of your spleen.

Do 10 to 50 times in a day.

2. Standing Hand Touch to Foot Exercise 

Just stand and band your body and touch the foot. It will help whole abdominal cavity and strong the spleen, kidney, liver and intestine.

3.  Standing Cross Hand Touch to Foot Exercise 

It is also like 2nd exercise but we touch right hand to left foot and left hand touch to right foot. We open our foot and keep far from each other. It increases the flexibility and decrease the size of spleen. 

4. Stand Right Leg and then Left Leg Exercise

In this exercise, we capture the thumb of right leg with right hand and stand with left leg and then we capture the thumb of left leg with left hand and stand with right leg. We repeat it 10 to 20 times, it increases your stomach strength and decrease the size of spleen and it will never rupture. 

5. Hal Asan Pose Exercise

Just go to hal asan pose and then back and repeat it for 10 times. If you will unable to do you can do noka pose and repeat 20 times 

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