100 Benefits of Brahmacharya - Part 19


The 91st Benefit of Brahmacharya - Avoiding Great Stupidity

By following brahmacharya, we avoid the destruction of semen, it is the biggest foolishness to destroy semen.

And the foolish fool tries to prove it right by the sophistication

Stupid husband

Why did I get married, I am also taking care of my wife so that I can enjoy and enjoy with her, but I do not want any more children.

Master :

 Hey foolish husband, will the priceless semen be spent playing with the health of oneself and one's religious wife for momentary pleasures, will it not become the cause of great sorrow in the coming time?

The husband's religion is to follow brahmacharya  for life by producing children like Sun or Usha from the semen obtained from brahmacharya, so that one does not commit great stupidity in life and increases the power of intellect and makes physical, mental and social progress.

Man's senses become weak due to the destruction of semen

The woman's senses also become weak due to the destruction of the Rj of a woman.

 Laziness increases due to weakness of senses

which makes you unable to do physical work

Being unable to do physical work causes the body to become weak

Disease surrounds a weak body

That disease starts with this fear and worries, sleepless nights go away

And only sorrow brings sorrow because you have lost your priceless semen, this is your stupidity.

If you had followed brahmacharya, it would not have been great foolishness.

Whether the religion is adultery with the wife or adultery by a swindler, it is all unrighteousness and the result of this unrighteousness is the misery you will get.

Many foolish people abuse the power of money and indulge in prostitution, which destroys their semen and then the power to fight diseases ends.

If money has come to you, then eat fruits from it, drink milk, spend some charity work, due to which you will get physical peace, life will be happy all the time.

92nd benefit of celibacy - Being a sannyasi by heart

Even while living in the world, if you strictly follow your brahmacharya, then you will become a sannyasi by heart.

According to Maharishi Dayanand

A person who has no desire for sense attachment, no sense indulgence, there is no need for him to take a new sannyas, he is already a sannyasi.

If he has become a sannyasin in his heart, then listen to his benefits too.

The one who has become a sannyasi by mind, gets such a pleasure which he did not get from enjoyment in the world and he gets something which is not obtained by running after Kachan and Kamani.

hear a story

a personal was a servant of an emperor, served the emperor for 30 years because children were to be raised,  his desire to take the pleasure from wife, but that emperor still calls him abusively,  the mind of that servant suffered that emotional pain and went home from there, householder Also abuse him, children should also show their eyes, due to this injury in the mind, he became disinterested from the world.

he went to the forest without eating anything, remembering God

One day spent, 5 days past 10 days, the emperor started reminding the servant that he used to do all the work, wife and children also had to fulfill their selfishness, then he remembered him,

Started searching. Both searched in all directions. 

In the end, the emperor himself sat on an elephant  and tried to find him

When he met, he was worshiping God with his eyes closed in a forest.

The emperor said that I have been looking for you for 10 days, the family and children said that we are also looking for you for 10 days.

The sanyasi said that I too was searching for my happiness and peace of mind for 30 years

Sometimes in the job of the emperor, sometimes in sex with the wife, sometimes in the fake attachment of children

But I got only abuse and sorrow, so I remembered that God with my heart for 10 days now and I have felt supreme peace and happiness of mind which was not done in 30 years, the biggest miracle is this

That by remembering God, the emperor also came to me in search of a servant and the one who used to abuse me and you started saying is it less a miracle to remember God?

The wife and children of whom I used to roam day and night for 30 years, today they are looking for me, is it less a miracle to remember God?

If I had remembered God for 30 years, who is the king of kings, who is omnipotent and omnipresent, fulfilling all the desires of the mind, then how much my condition would have improved today, I did not even need to leave the world, only my mind had to spend 24 hours in his memory

From today I have taken sannyasa from my mind and now my life will always pass in the memory of that God.

If you also want to take advantage of the retirement of the mind, then from today make a resolution that we will observe the fast of brahmacharya.

93rd Benefit of Brahmacharya - Leaving all evils

This is a very true thing in the world, if you catch even one good habit and become a slave to it, then gradually all your evil ends. Brahmacharya is the best habit in the world, if you become a slave to it, then all the good habits will come in you, all the evil will run away from you.

When he sees the same God in every sorrow, he will spend his life in his service. Instead of becoming selfish, good habits of charity, service and charity will come in him.

The 94th Benefit of Brahmacharya - Unlocking the Secrets

Due to the greatness of brahmacharya, the secrets inside you begin to open because you start searching for happiness inside, when the thought of lust comes in your mind, then you say, stop, I do not want this idea, but it is the work of the mind. keep giving ideas

Now the secrets will be revealed by the best ideas

you will have a sense of self

hate can be conquered by love

Grieving can be conquered by being grateful

Insult can be conquered by honor

To correct the mistakes of others, you must correct your own mistakes.

Instead of jealousy after seeing the progress of others, victory is achieved by awakening one's self-confidence.

Happiness is in the name of God

If you stay in the lust, you will have to cry later, if you stay in the shelter of God, you will always laugh.

Wake up instead of sleeping in the morning gives happiness

The lie can be conquered by the power of truth

Meditation has to be done in one place and by wandering in many places, meditation also gets lost.

God is giving knowledge to all, only those who are worthy of knowledge will understand


The joy of sunlight will arise only for the one who has eyes,

  one who is blind can not enjoy the light of the sun 


The cuckoo is singing sweet songs in the morning, he will enjoy it only for the one who has ears.

 For the deaf, A cuckoo sings a song or not no value

One who meditates on God will get that secret which cannot be found by those who do not meditate on him.

He becomes blind even though he has eyes, he becomes deaf in spite of having ears.

This secret will be known to those who follow celibacy, the rest will remain locked in their intellects.

95th Benefit of Brahmacharya - To receive the special mercy of God

The follower of brahmacharya always remembers the Supreme Soul and from that he receives the special mercy of God because he becomes eligible for mercy

Like a cut off person comes to you asking for charity

you will have pity on him

Then a person comes to you with a person whose hands and demand money for food

you say do work

same with god

If you remember god 24 hrs, you only have the support of God and God will support on you. 

 God will take care of you for 24 hrs. 

It becomes his responsibility to keep you happy, to manage your food, to protect you from every trouble, to protect you from every disease.

Therefore, always remember that God and do not bring the thoughts of lust in mind.

Lust, anger, greed, attachment and ego will not allow you to become worthy of God's mercy, so renounce them and become celibate.

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