100 Benefits of Brahmacharya - Part 17

 81st benefit of Brahmacharya: Attainment of Brahma-Gyan

When a person remembers God in his daily routine, he spends the whole day remembering Parbham. his night passes in remembering of God. 

This world is perishable, this whole nature is perishable, never be infatuated with it, understanding it, having attachment to God, which never perishes, connecting with it is Brahmagyan.

Which can never happen to a worldly person who does not follow brahmacharya. Later, when slowly the things of his fascination end, then he rolls back towards God.

Because the world is perishable and you have a fascination with it, but its end is great sorrow.

Because God is immortal and you have spiritual attachment with it, but its end is endless bliss.

माया तो ठगनी , ठगत फिरत संसार 

जिस ठग यह ठगनी ठगी , उस ठग को नमस्कार 

By this knowledge of Brahma, everlasting happiness is attained which never turns into sorrow because you come into the light of knowledge and the darkness which was of ignorance vanishes.

खुदा देता है जिनको ऐश उनको ग़म भी होते है

 जहां बजते है नक्कारे वह मातम भी होते है 

Today the whole world has understood lust as the source of happiness as real, this is not Brahmagyan, it is ignorance.

I am a natural doctor, met thousands of patients and whoever wished for happiness from the lust, today he is sad after being sick.


Where there is pleasure, there is disease

Where there is yoga with God, there is health

खुदा को भूल गए लोग फ़िक्रे रोजी में 

ख़याले रिजक है राजक का कुछ ख्याल नहीं 

82nd benefit of Brahmacharya: control the mind

It has been said that one who has controlled his mind, no task is difficult for him, but how will the mind be controlled, the mind is under control when it becomes austere.

so how do you  become austere?

The mind will become austere by observing the fast of brahmacharya.

that's why it is said

Brahmacharya is the greatest austerity

When the eye starts going in the wrong direction, it is an austerity to stop it, to look towards God is austerity.

When the ear starts moving in the wrong direction, then stopping it is austerity, listening to the words of God is austerity.

By doing this penance, the mind will burn like iron in fire.

Then the mind that will be formed, you can control it because it will obey your words, otherwise, you will be under its control.

83rd Benefit of Brahmacharya: Purpose of Life Fulfilled

Is life the only thing to eat, drink, sleep and enjoy, is it the reason why life has been given that it should be put to an end? No, this is not the purpose of life because those who become sufferers are sick and when this disease becomes mental, they do this self-harm, now you tell yourself what is the purpose of life.

A person took a loan for business but went to roam with his wife to enjoy and enjoy and when the bankers came, he started saying that he had invested in the business but there was a loss in business, he Can't refund the principle and the interest, the bankers are afraid that our money will sink,

That's why the bank took over the house by taking husband and wife out of the house. This has become its slander.

Now let's say, as much as we had enjoyed the wetness, everything turned into sorrow.

So disappointed that both of them committed suicide by jumping into the river.

In this world, lakhs of such human beings commit suicide every day because they do not have control over their senses.

If this wife and husband were brahmachari, they would have known

Dharam is the first, has taken a loan from someone, it has to be returned with interest, it is a sin to even think of using it for one's own purpose.

So both of them used to make efforts and put this money in business.

By which both profit and principal would increase and it would fulfill the purpose of their meaning and now he would give back the loan.

They can fulfill their wishes according to the Dharma.

Our aim is to meet God.

who is the light of lights

one who is rich in wealth

the creator of the infinite stars, The sun, the moon.

84th benefit of Brahmacharya: Brhamcharya is difficult but rarely gives rise to new opportunities

Everyone tells me that it is very difficult to follow celibacy, I say that this is its benefit, every difficulty gives rise to an opportunity in your life so that you can be successful forever.


1. The job of a goldsmith is difficult, without a fan, one has to sit near the fire, but only then his shining gold ornaments are visible to everyone, it is difficult to become a goldsmith, but the value of the jewelry made by the goldsmith's work is more than that of gold. he gets the fruits of his labor

2. The farmer's job is difficult, he has to be wiped from the soil, only then his crop is waving.

3. The work of a gardener is difficult, but due to his hard work, the whole garden is filled with fruits.

4. It is difficult to keep the senses away from the lust again and again, but only by getting semen, you can get physical strength, mental strength and spiritual strength.

The 85th Benefit of Brahmacharya: To increase the pride of our nation

  Maharishi Dayanand Saraswati had said that no one can stop the progress of that country in which every citizen is brahmachari and no one can stop the knowledge of that country in which everyone is brahmachari. You can increase the pride of your country only by brahmacharya. Because first you yourself become a brahmachari and by this brahmacharya which gives strength, power and strength to you.

Wisdom comes from it, you contribute in serving the country and the country goes ahead in the world in terms of character and wealth.

1. It is very easy to give greed to those who are slaves of the senses, because they are slaves of their ten senses. This greed gives rise to dishonesty, corruption and bribery. The country is sold in the hands of Kachan and Kamini.

Come Indians, wake up and renounce the slavery of the senses and become a mature brahmachari. And make others celibate too. Because the secret of one's own progress is hidden in the progress of others.

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