100 Benefits of Brahmacharya - Part 13


61st Benefit of Brahmacharya: Improvement of character

If you want to improve your character, then it is very important to follow brahmacharya. Character is formed by your conduct, a person with good conduct is called a person of character and a person with bad conduct is called a person without character, now you tell yourself whether you want to be called character or characterless. Watching obscene movies, porn, talking obscene, socializing with obscene people, reading obscene books, all this makes you characterless and throws you in hell, and in this birth will give you the title of villain or demon. Would you like it or would you like to become a person of character by seeing patriotism, listening to religious things, socializing with religious people and reading spiritual books?

India is proud of its history, by the following brahmacharya, crores of people became a personality of great character.

Shri Ram Chandra was a character and brahmachari, he had so much power in his hands that he broke the Gandiv with one hand.

Shri Laxman ji was a great character and follower of strict brahmacharya, he gave mother status to his sister-in-law Sita ji and only saw her feet in exile for 14 years and there was so much strength in his brahmacharya that he killed Indrajit because

Agastyamuni had said that Indrajeet has a boon from Brahma, who can kill him who has followed brahmacharya for 12 years. All the senses were won by the force of brahmacharya for 12 years.

If you also conquer your senses through brahmacharya, then you too will be victorious in the battle of every life. Come adopt brahmacharya and become virtuous forever

Benefits of 62nd Brahmacharya: Good Utilization of time

With brahmacharya, you can make good use of time. When the mind becomes sensual, then this craving of the mind never ends and due to this your precious time is wasted, the time once gone does not come back. If you spend this time in good works, then it is the best use of all the time. The time when you spoil by thinking wrong thoughts, at the same time a ripe celibate achieves success by investing in his studies and his work, but the foolish lust addicted people does not understand this.

If you did not make good use of your student life, then later this will be your biggest mistake, which you will write with your pen, that I wasted time in wrong things, due to which I could not study during the student period, then instead of writing this history Make good use of your life time by strictly following brahmacharya from today itself.

Benefits of 63rd Brahmacharya: The Secret of All Success

The main road to success in life passes through this

1. your concentration

2. you have a big goal

3. Self-confidence

4. positive thinking

5. habit of saving

6. imagination power

7. control yourself

8. ability to lead

9. enthusiasm in mind

10. charming character

11. tolerance

12. The spirit of cooperation

Now you tell me if you follow brahmacharya, will you not get these things? Absolutely get it When you will get these things then no one can stop your success in any field.


  you from brahmacharya

 gets the concentration

gets the imagination

is in control of oneself

get the ability to lead

generates enthusiasm

 makes for an attractive character

get positive thinking

get stamina

creates a sense of cooperation

Even if your aim is to earn money and want to become rich, then it is necessary to follow celibacy to achieve this success.

 Because money is not available without effort, Lakshmi always remains under the control of effort. Because the one who always destroys the semen cannot make any effort and does not have the effort to protect wealth, due to which Lakshmi is not protected and Lakshmi goes to some other person. and you don't get success

64th Benefit of Brahmacharya: To develop good eating and sleeping habits

Brahmacharya makes you good eating habits

Because if you are following  celibacy, still you are having self-destruction and semen is getting depleted, then you become very much aware of what to eat or not.

You quickly stop eating them and make a good habit of eating them.

1. Avoid eating sour things that include sour curd

2. Do not eat red chillies and much spices

3. Eat more salad and green vegetables

4. Salt is very little and  only black salt or sendha salt

5 Gives up on tamasic food altogether

Similarly, you sleep early at night and wake up early in the morning.

65th Benefit of Brahmacharya: Thinking positive thoughts in the mind

Those who are adulterous persons, their thinking also becomes very negative because their intellect is also destroyed by the destruction of semen and by telling their negative attitude on everything, they create a negative environment and also have a negative effect on others and you too. They fail and become thorns that make others fail.

Those who follow brahmacharya, their thinking also becomes very positive because there is never any destruction of semen and this always develops their intellect and creates a positive atmosphere by telling their positive attitude on everything and on others. You also make a positive impact and you also become successful and become the basis for making others successful.

See how much positive thinking of this Bhishma Pitamah which he

said about brahmacharya

When brahmacharya's intellect becomes positive by following celibacy, then he gets everything.

Then Bisham Pitamah speaks with positive thinking giving importance to celibacy.

To follow celibacy is to follow the truth

 See the thinking of ancient Indians, make names of sages by protecting semen

One name of semen is also Shukra, because semen contains live sperm, which is the name of the sage who preaches semen protection


There are three forms of celibacy

physical celibacy

mental celibacy

oral celibacy

One who renounces mental intercourse along with physical intercourse is a real brahmachari and the accomplishment of positivity comes in his thinking. Because celibacy is the greatest austerity and everyone gets its fruit, destroying it destroys the fruits of all the austerities performed by you.

To think positive thoughts, you should have the power of intelligence, this intellect power of the brain also comes from the observance of brahmacharya.

because it is said

Virya Balam, Balam Virya

It means semen is force and force is semen.

In whom this power comes, the intellect power increases and that person becomes brilliant.

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