100 Benefits of Brahmacharya - Part 3

 11th Benefit of Brahmacharya : Great Wealth 

Virya raksha or protection of semen is the biggest wealth creator. because As per ayurveda, when we eats food, it will go to different stages and in the end, it converts into semen or Virya.

रसाद्रक्तं ततो मांसं. मांसाद मेद: प्रजायते l

मेदादस्थि ततो मज्जा. मज्जाया: शुक्रसम्भव:

When we eat food, it will digest and it will convert in food juice. With this juice, body makes the blood. With blood, body makes the flesh. With flesh, body makes its own fat and bone marrow and Bone marrow converts into Virya of male or Raj of female. 

If a person eats 40 days food of 100 kgs, it will convert into 1 Liter blood. With one liter blood, it converts into 10 gram virya or semen. This is real diamond which must keep in the head crown and never waste it on the earth. 

We explain this wealth financial wealth. Suppose, you are very poor person. You start to do the work hard and do you business and earn the money and re-invest same in your business and you created wealth. Now, you became overconfident and  your ego mind started to waste money by giving it to friends and buying useless things and increased your expenses and one day see , your business needs money but you did not have and your business has failed and you again poor. How will you feel. Sad and feel depressed.

Now, is it not same thing. Your inside machine has worked day and night to make this wealth. So, use it to protect this machine and enjoy the happiness of health and long life. But you have wasted it small time pleasure and gave the emergency situation to inside machine to protect it with same wealth but there is no wealth inside in the form of virya. Now, you will face again the poverty inside also due to weakness inside body. 

So, protect next 40 day food at any cost. 

12th Benefit of Brahmacharya : Self Protection From Bad Impact of Virya Nash  on Body, Brain, Mind and Soul

If you learn brahmacharya and you will get the great benefit of same brahmacharya. With this, you can protect yourself from bad impact of virya nash on the body, brain, mind and soul

There are 4 things in the human body. One is physical body, second is brain, third is mind and fourth is soul.

First of all you should now what are the bad impact of virya nash on all these things in human body.

Bad impact on the body

With virya nash, you will get the diseases of urinary tracks. UTI is main. It means, you will get burn during the passing of your urine. You will face the problem of gonorrhea and diabetes. You will also face the problem of inability to born the kid. Your hair will white before time. You will face constipation. Lungs will weak and you will face the joint pain. 

If you follow brahmacharya and protect your Virya, you can easily save all these physical diseases.

Bad impact on the brain and mind

With virya nash, you will face the problem of epilepsy and nervous system down and brain hemorrhage

Mind also faces the problem of psychological diseases like all time future anxiety and stress, insomnia 

With strict lock to your door of mind with practice of brahmacharya, you can save all these brain and mind bad impacts. 

Bad Impact on the Soul

Soul always feels sad and feels guilt of this bad act which his mind has done due to small pleasure. Soul is king and if his defense minister did any bad act, its cost has to pay by king also. 

With virya nash, your self confidence will low because your internal vital power is low.

With virya nash, your atambal will decrease

You will not able to open your inner power and feel like animal which only sleep, eat, sex and fear. 

13th Benefit of Brahmacharya : Self Protection From Bad Impact of Masturbation

A strict follower of brahmacharya never do the masturbation and save from the bad impacts of masturbation.

1. Masturbation makes whole body weaks. It decreases eyes light, it weaks the sensories power
2. Masturbation will disorder the reproduction sensories by nightfall disease.
3. Masturbation will increase body pain
4. Masturbation will make you powerless
5. Masturbation will stop your reproduction power.
6. Masturbation is addiction and make you mad mentally 
7. Masturbation will kill your character.

Now, if you have the addiction, you can not be depressed. Strong commitment will help you. 

14th Benefit of Brahmacharya : Self Protection From Bad Impact of Porn 

If you are practicing  the brahmacharya, you know, you have saved yourself with 8 types mathuns and one is not watching porn. And if you do not watch the porn, it means, you saved the bad impact of porn


Following are the bad impact of watching porn on your life

  1. If you see the porn in any day in your life, you will not achieve your biggest Goal in your life. Reason is very Clear. SEX is biggest Desire in the world. PORN is open Door in the internet to reach the BED Room and see all things regarding SEX. So, it gives you pleasure and it will carry far from your biggest GOAL of life. A great person told, you feel 1 year if your hand is on the fire only for one second in reality. You feel 1 year is like one second if your eyes on naked woman for 1 year in reality.
  2.  If you will quit the porn, you will be truthful.

    Truthfulness is the great quality of any human being’s character

    If you are truthful, all can trust on you by closing eyes.

    If you are truthful, you can build other’s trust

    If you speak lie, no one can trust on you

    If you speak lie and your lie has opened and you will be failure to build other’s trust.

    Success is based on winning of other’s trust. Because without the support of other, we can not achieve biggest Goal of life.

    In your bad situation, your truth will give you the big power.

    For example, a big don with 20 people came to you and withdraw your 10000 from your pocket. What will you do. You will say, I am speaking truth. This is mine. But he is not giving. You will take iron stick and break his leg. YES. Who gave you power to fight with 20 don. Your Truth

    If you see the porn, you never be truthful


    (I) This is your hidden truth which you can not speak truth with other. It is black dark on your good character. If anybody will ask you, are you watching porn. Porn watching means addicted to porn. Addicted to see women or men naked or seeing them like seeing dogs sex position. It means, you are seeing other dogs to do sex and feel only jealousy, you are unable to get this physical pleasure. Means, next bad quality of person is jealousy. Due to frustration and sex stress, you will start to do masturbation which is next bad quality of the person.

    All started with your bad habit of porn.

    Because all porn starts are showing lie and you are seeing lie

    They are even bad from dog sex. Dog are doing sex with female partner are real, natural and truthful.

    BUT Whole porn industry shows sex only

    for earning money.

    MONEY from sex ads and sex product selling and sex fees.

    God has made the reproduction organs and it is your truthful duty is to use it for sex and get baby reward.

    But all porn stars did not sex for baby, they did sex for money and open your desire of sex and get reward of your slavery of porn addiction. To kill to slave is very easy. If your mind is slave of porn watching, it means, you are just a product. Your time has no value. Your emotions has no value. Your age has no value. Your knowledge has no value. All your knowledge, money and energy will be used only achieving the lieful goals of Porn stars and porn industry.

    So, if you want to be truthful in real sense.

    Stop to watch lie. Stop to see porn.

    Be truthful to Your Biggest Goal

    God will ask you the Question when you are complaining,


    God will say

    Dear, you are not truthful to your biggest goal. If you were truthful, you will remember only your goal. You will do only actions for your biggest goal. You will spend only time to achieve your life’s biggest goal but I am helpless. You are biggest liar of the world by not spending time for goal, only watching porn.

    Lier is also called garbage or dust. By speaking lie, you have become only a dust and you will have the value of a dust. Just waste of life.

    So, start to speak truth and stop porn. By quitting porn, you will be truthful.

    Watch more detail from my following video

  3. IF you see the porn, you will unable to use your mind for thinking great ideas for fast success in the life. One of great benefit of Quitting porn, you can use your mind for thinking great ideas of achieving your biggest goal of life. It only possible if you think that there is no need of porn in your life. Even the physical sex is cheap product which is selling in the market. But my time is not cheap which I spend in these cheap products. GOD has made me for big mission. All my sex thoughts are just boiling milk bubbles. In past, you did not focus to see that when sex thoughts will come in the mind, you have started to give more focus on these bubbles and its size has increased and you have opened porn site on your laptop or mobile and started to watch it and masturbated by opening your pant jip and sell your viraj (SEMEN + SPERM ) in the price of waste.

    Now, By quitting the porn, your focus to achieve your biggest goal will increase and you will think more advance and innovative ideas of achieving your biggest goal more fastly.

    I have explained this benefit in following video, you must watch it.

15th Benefit of Brahmacharya : Direct Your Sex in Energy in the Positive Direction 

Yes, with brahmacharya, you can get the ability to direct your sex energy in the positive direction. For example, I am writing this content, I have some energy. This is my sex energy. Now, I know how to use for welfare it for someone. That is reason, I have added same energy for thinking and writing this content. Like this, great personalities did great work with their sex energy. Swami Dayanand had taught the large number of students about the importance of brahmacharya and his students have opened large number Gurukuls like Gurukul kangri and many more for welfare of humanity. This online hospital is also devoted to this great soul.

So, follow the brahmacharya is must. For this, message to your mind, please focus on the love instead lust. Now, you have set great dreams to solve nation's problem

Problem of ignorance. Spend your time as teacher to solve it. This content is also giving you knowledge which opens your eyes and you have to spread same knowledge to light whole world. 

Read it in Hindi 

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