Why does does it bad to eat cooked gourd and ladyfinger food together?

 Asked by Sita bhusal

Answered by Dr. Vinod Kumar 

If you have cooked gourd and ladyfinger, both need highly quantity of oil and and if you will eat it, it means more oil goes to your stomach. Body's liver, stomach pouch and intestines have limit to digest. So, if you gives it high oil, work load will increase that is not good for your health. For example, you work in home. if you have to do work more than your capacity, it will give you only fatique. But if you take some rest, you feel fresh. Like this, if you eat only ladyfinger one day and next day gourd, it is ok.

If you use raw gourd and ladyfinger as salad, then there is no issue. Both can be used as salad in small quantity together. Excess of everything is harmful.

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