How to Overcome Overweight and Obesity

 I try to give meaning of overweight and obesity with example

For example, you have normal weight and every time, you carry a bag which have ten kgs weight, how you will feel. Even, you have to sleep, you have to keep same weight on your body. If you go to toilet, you have to keep it on your head. How do you feel. Simply, you want to keep same weight. That is great, you are free to keep it but imagine if you will unable to get FREE from this weight, how will you feel.

Will it not give you stress?

Will all time do you not feel as slave?

If you want happy but unable this weight, what will happen?

This extra 10 kgs weight is your obesity and overweight which is of your dust in body, undigested fat.

Now what is solution


Action now on commitment

Commitment to do manual labor

This labour may be exercise, walking or hardwork with two hands minimum two hrs in a day.

So, act now. If you read it and not walking, start to walk and read

Nothing is barrier to achieve your goal if you are fully focus in commitment and action now.

Second commitment to Stop non veg, eggs, refined oil,dalda and packed food

And start act now by eating today fruits

For more details watch this video

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