What is the healthy weight for a 29 year old woman(height 5′4)to conceive her first baby?

 Best weight as per your height is 58 kgs but if you are between 50 kgs to 70 kgs no issues. Never take its stress. But if your weight is more than 70 kgs means 80 kgs or 100 + kgs , please only focus to reduce your weight. But again, I am saying never take tension of your overweight because it will increase your weight not decrease. Moreover your stress will bad effect on the release of every month egg. Make the habit of happy person, it will bring healthy weight and focus only natural food. Avoid unnatural good both things are important for the health of your uterus and ovary.

If your weight is less than 50 kgs, increase your weight by drinking 1 kgs milk, fresh butter, desi ghee in food and dry fruits and again, I am saying never take family or health stress. It will decrease more weight. Make the habit of happy person. Daily walk and do morning and evening exercise. Get up early in the morning and sleep on the time

Except weight, major effect of both health of male and female partner. More details watch following video

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