What is the cure for 80 to 90 percentage blockage of heart without a bypass surgery?

 Heart blockage can cure 100% without a bypass surgery.

Just follow following rules.

Never take unnatural food include non very, eggs, meat and oily food like samosa, bread, biscuits, meda food. All will increase blockage.

Never cheat any other person due to your greedy mind. It is not truthfulness. Due to this, your fear and doubt level will increase and self confidence will increase. All this fear will increase your stress and stress will increase your Bp and Bp will increase your heart blockage.

Never become victim of others who cheated you. If you will become victim and other cheater will hunter of you.

Here are two plan.

If you have law power, money power and mental power, give punishment.

If you are unable and only anger in mind and only abuse him all time and increase your Bp. Stop it and forgive him.

Forgivness is donation and ability to win your own victim thinking.

I used and got success, see my video

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