Is it possible to increase height at the age of 28?

Your family will say, You can't increase height after 28. Your friends will say, You can't increase height after 28. Your This quora people will say ( Who still did not get success in life ), You can't increase height after 28. Never believe on them. Close your ear to listen and trust on this voice. Because if you trust on your family and friends and all who are saying, you can not increase height, it is sure you can not increase because what the mind conceive and believe it will achieve. Only listen the voice your heart, if your heart will say that your goal is 6 feet, then it is sure, you will reach it at 28 years also and of course after 28 years. After this, only positive action will come.

Positive action

Start challenging hanging exercises. Make big goal of hanging exercises in the form of time and duration and repetition.

Do all height growing exercises daily

Stop to eat non veg, eggs, meat. Drink fresh milk and stop tea.

Sleep 8 hrs daily and get up early in the morning for workout.

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