Naturopathy Treatment of Psoriasis


Whenever a disease occurs, first of all our focus is on eating English tablets and curing it. But it leads to loss instead of profit. And it brings ten more diseases with one. But with natural medicine, the disease ends at the root.

Psoriasis is a skin disease because this skin disease happened because you have lost the ability to fight your diseases. Its symptoms are that red and silver colors become sticky in any part of your body. And there is itching and pain. The reason for this is that when the immune system is disorder, then the skin cells grow very fast due to which the skin layer does not come fully and its layers start coming down which is accompanied by itching. When you start following the Natural Rules and Regulations, then the skin that is not coming properly and it will come and become strong and this psoriasis will be completely cured.

Following are simple steps of naturopathy treatment of Psoriasis

1. Clean your full stomach by getting up early in the morning daily

Every disease starts from the dust in the stomach. When you have the bad habit to get up late and sleep late. Your dust will not clean because early morning is best time to clean the body not late morning. So, same dust in the form of your body stools will mix to your blood and blood will convert dustful skin and result is psoriasis and other skin diseases.

Now, what can you do. Start fast and clean who digestion system and start to make the habit to get up early in the morning and clean your stomach daily. Get up 3 am to 4 am and drink water and go to toilet for cleaning your stomach and pee. More you clean your body, more fastly toxin remove from your skin and psoriasis will cure fastly.
2. Never use cream, medicine, alcohol and smoking

All alopathic creams for skin diseases and medicines have big side effect. It will increase small problem into big problem because it has huge side effects. Stop it and also stop your alcohol and smoking addiction also.

3.Use natural herbals like haldi, tulsi and alovera

Both use of haldi and aloe vera boosts your immune system. Use haldi half spoon in one glass desi cow milk. Neem, tulsi also natural herbs. gaumutra is also natural medicine. All are usesful for fast healing of psoriasis.

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4. Live stress free life daily

If you have to live stress free life daily, start today life today. Start to accept all bad things advance. Start to focus to solve your problem. Start to forget small things. Start to busy in work. Start to forget past bad happenings. Start to forgive.
5. Stop to use opposite food

Never eat opposite food. It creates the reaction in skin. Never drink milk and pyaj, never drink milk and dahi. Never drink milk and panir. Never drink milk and jamun. Never drink shahad and desi ghee.
6. Smile and long walk daily

Always keep smile on the face and go for long walk. Smile bring happy emotions and

Always remember. You came in this world with the breathing capital of God. Real depositor of this fund is of God. It is not your capital. You are just care taker of this capital. Because same fund, you have to refund to god after completing your breathing capital in this world. So, enjoy and care of this capital.
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