What is Varicocele?

Varicocele is the defect of the veins in scrotum. These veins network is called pampiniform venous plexus. These veins main duty is to return the blood to heart. This defect starts from abnormal enlargement and due to this proper blood does not return to heart for adding new oxygen and nutrition in it. It happens because valve inside the veins does not work properly. These are very small veins and even small than our hairs. If blood will not return, it means, all dust gases, dust matabolic, impure blood will collect and due to this, you feel pain in scrotum area. You face swelling in testicles. Your sperms grow will stop and result is male inferiority due to this. 

Same problem also happens in your leg and it happens due to varicose vein defect. 

If you will notice the varicocele patient, its scortum will look like the bag of worms. It may be one side or both side.

Good news is that it can easily healed by following natural rules and regulation. Our following video help you to heal your varicocele naturally.

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