Grades of Varicocele

There are 5 Grades of Varicocele Disease. Grade means level. We can tell the problem is big or small through grade. Through physical examination or ultrasound, the grade can be given. Ultrasound helps differentiate varicocele with hernia or hydrocele or cyst in testis area. 

 Grade I :

 This is the first grade of varicocele, varicocele vein can be touched  or feel through valsalva manoeuvre breathing exercise.  

Just stand and take long breath and exhale and hold breath  and pressure below part of body like bowel movement. It will increase the size of default veins and this is due to dysfunction of valve of veins. 

Without valsalva manoeover, it is not visible. Doctor will teach this exercise to patient and during exercise of this breathing holding, doctor will examine physically. 

 Grade II : 

 This is the second grade of varicocele Doctor Can the touch varicocele vein s during rest but not physically visible. 

Grade III : 

This is the third grade of Varicocele. This is visible and can be touched during rest. the pampiniform plexus vein disfunction is large 

Grade IV :

  the pampiniform plexus vein disfunction is very large 

Grade V :  

the pampiniform plexus vein disfunction is huge. These Veins fill entire. It started affected the testis, it decreases the size of testis. 


1. Types of Varicocele 

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