List of positive and negative emotions

    Before showing the list of positive and negative emotions, you should now about positive emotion and negative emotion

Positive emotions mean sum of all our positive thoughts on the event happens in our environment. It is also called happy response to all type of situations. 

Negative emotions mean sum of all our negative thoughts on the event happens in our environment. It is also called reaction to all type of situations. 

If negative emotions under control, it is good. For example, A teacher anger if students do not silent. But teacher's anger is under control. He gives the punishment which helps to grow the students. But if anger control on any person, he starts to take revenge and hate same person and again make the plan to fight and harm other and also take day and night tension due to this. So, this anger is harming his mind and body. So, it is necessary to overcome anger. Like this, there is need to control and overcome all negative emotions because it crosses its limit. 

List of Positive and Negative Emotions 

  1. Happiness , Joy and Fun = Express with Smile and Laugh
  2. Kindness and Appreciation = Express with Cash and Kind Charity and Donation and good words
  3.  Sympathy = Express with Sympathetic words 
  4. Love, Gratitude, thankfulness = Express with I love you and I thank you
  5. Humbleness = Express with Listening before speaking
  6. Hope, excitement = Express with Hopeful words 
  7. Interest, curiosity, enthusiasm = Express with Asking Questions
  8. Patience = Express with Silence and Peace
  9. Trust = Express with Confidence on face

List of Negative Emotions 

    1. Sorrow, grief, Sadness = Express with Sad face 
    2.  Jealousy, envy,  Greed = Express with lie and Cheating
    3.  Cruelty = Express with cruel actions
    4.  Anger, Hate = Express with violence
    5.  Ego = Express with Ego words 
    6. Fear, anxiety, Hopelessness = Express with More Stress and Give up 
    7.  Boredom
    8. Frustration, restlessness = Express with tiredness
    9.   Doubtful = Express with doubtful questions

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