Naturopathy Treatment of Endometriosis


Leave everything, and start to believe that your endometriosis can heal naturally. 

Welcome you in this hospital

You can say the proof of believe

Simple Thomas Alva Edison had done 10,000 experiments and invented electric blub. Is it end of knowledge and invention and imagination. No dear madam. No

One person who think, this electric blub is unable to repair and its replacement cost is big and second it has consumed big electricity. So, he imagine the blub which uses less electricity, can repair and no need to replacement for long time. That is a new invention of LED Blub which may be 10,000 + new experiments. So, believe today, it can heal naturally with my following treatment invention for this you have to imagine, that you are already healthy. 

 First of all, you have to believe that Endometriosis is result of all your mental and physical toxin in the body. That is the reason, you are unable to conceive the baby by doing hard work after years and years and you are the victim of infertility. Due to this, you are facing your period pain, pelvic area pain and abnormal periods with bleeding and discomfort in it. 

Now, you have checked with MRI, pelvic ultrasound and laparoscopy and you found that you have this disease in which your endometrium tissues breaks for bleeding but do not go from body but collects inside the body and make the layer of this and create the barrier of fertility by spreading in outside uterus and ovaries either one or both side. 

Now, what is its solution.

Solution is simple.

To remove mental and body toxin

To clean body and mind

How can it possible.

First start to believe. 

Yes, I can change. IF you believe, you can. 

Stop to say, Why it happened to me. What ever happens happens good for me and you. You have to believe on it. This is natural law

Ok Come to the steps of curing it through naturopathy treatment

1st Step : Remove the Mental Toxin

Sub step 1 Stop Stress

Stress will always come when you will take negative emotions and it collect in your mind and brain as negative emotions.

Following is its list






For example, if you anger any other person, you start to hate him or her. You do not harm other but harm yourself because, it pressure to your brain and you feel stress because you are breaking relationship due to your anger and hate. Now, start to join this relationship with positive emotion

Positive emotion to overcome hate, ego and anger 

just forgive who hurt you. Who hurt your ego and who gave your emotional pain.

Just think brave thoughts and forget your all fears. Both will help to heal your endometriosis.

2nd Step : Remove the Physical Toxin

Sub step 1 Eat Fresh RAW Fruits and Green VEG

Just focus to eat only fresh raw fruits and green veg. It will clean the uterus and your endometriosis will remove.

Sub step 2. Stop plastic for food

Plastic is the source of toxin inside the body. Ban plastic from your kitchen. Ban plastic from food items. 

Sub step 3. Stop Freeze

Freeze helps to waste body energy which can be used to heal endometriosis. Do, you know our body hard work to warm the food before digest. Same freeze low the fire inside the stomach. So, stop it and you see the endometriosis heal fastly. 

Sub step 4. Stop Medicine

All medicine has the toxin enhancer. So, stop it immediately. 

Sub step 5. Stop Processing Food

All processing food are not fresh and it contents preservative chemicals. All increases body toxin. So, stop it for increasing your immunity 

Sub step 6. Stop Non Veg. and Eggs

If you learn to control your tongue and get only taste in veg. food, your problem of endometriosis will solve fastly. 

Video Tutorial 

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