How to Be Humble?

Do you know

your humbleness strong your relationship

your humbleness decreases your relationship stress

Less relationship stress means more you will be healthy

No medicine

No tablet to heal your disease

just learn the skill to be humble with our simple 7 tool and get success of good relationship and health.

Following is the list of these tools. Learn from video to use them.

1st TOOL : Listen More Speak Less 


It means, from now you have to make your habit to listen more and speak less when you are with second and more people whether he or she is your friend or brother or any relative or your customer or your patient. 

There will be great benefit of this good habit. If you will listen more, you can understand more because you can weight the words of others before your speaking. So, your words will be valuable. Second, you are giving more opportunity to other to share his or her opinion. It means, you are giving more value to other's opinion instead your own opinion. 

With this, you can control your automatic bad habit of speaking more and listen less.

Its big harm is that by speaking more, you start judgement that you know more than other. Other know less. Other has low grade opinion. Your opinion is better because I win by speaking more. But, you do not know, your this judgement is wrong. You are showing only your ego. You are so far from humbleness. Other can think, you are not good judge. Good judge is 50-50 sharing of thoughts. But you are 90 - 10 sharing of thoughts, you give only 10% time to speak and taken his 90% time. So, he will cut his relationship with you. 

So, if you want to become outstanding personality, you have to come at 10-90 means you only speak 10% and last and give 90% other to speak. With this, you will humble like water and you can go every heart in this world. Water has only silence and go below and below and that is reason, it can reach every bottom and every where. 

2nd TOOL : Thanks More and Complain Less 


If you have to humble, you have to kill your judgement of other in the form of complain. Complainers are those people who have big ego because they do not thanks what support they got but they have only feeling of something lack which happens due to other. Due to this, complainer will become alone. They do not take the responsibility but they feel relax by saying it happens due to other negligence. I want to compensation. This person is bad. He is not doing his duty properly. But he forgot that what support, he has given to him.

So, if you have to humble, every evening, you have to write a notebook.

with the TITLE 

I am thankful at the End of _______________

I am thankful to MR. A, write his given support to you.

I am thankful to TEAM B, write his given support to you. 

I am thankful to God, write the blessings which you got from GOD

Like this, you have to thanks 5 people daily who have supported to you. With this, your attitude will change. Your behavior will change. 

3rd TOOL : Present More and Absent Less


It means, you have to live your life current time more and you have to think less about past and future. Both past and future. 

If you will live more in past and future thinking, you will be addicted of overthinking. Overthinking will kill your good decision making. It will also kill your relationships because you will unable to enjoy current time with friends, family, relatives and this world. You are just part of history because everytime, you guilt feeling and every time you worry about future. 

We can not change the past

We have no control on future. 

So, best way to live in present is to make the daily goal and take action on it. You can make daily to do list. You can make daily priority tasks. You have to focus to complete them and you get happiness. 

It is your humbleness that you think that your only control on your current time and you do not allow your mind to control you and  judge where spend your time. Never control your mind to use your time to think about future and past. Take your control in yourself and be humble to use only current time happy and peaceful. 



My TODAY GOAL for the Day of _________________

Write today goal list

4th TOOL : Mistake more and repeat less


In this world, what you have learned, you have learned with your mistakes. Never fear to doing the mistakes. Mistakes increases your intelligence. Mistakes helps to grow your skill. Mistakes helps to do with more intelligence way. So, do more mistakes and it is not good to repeat the same mistake repeatedly. 

If you judge, you will not mistake. It means, you are allowing your mind who brings fear for you that never do the mistakes. Never innovative, it may be mistake. You stop new inventions. All inventions are the results of mistakes. 

Scientists are so humble because they want to help other with his invention for this, they are so brave to do new and new mistakes. 

They Make the daily notebook

MY TODAY MISTAKE IMPROVEMENT at the End of Day ____________

Write your today mistake

Write the way how will you improve your today mistake 

7th TOOL : Accept more and Debate Less


Accept that you do not know everything 

With this, you get the opportunity to know more

Never say, I know everything

Accept your mistakes. Get the forgive from other. You are human and you can do the mistake

With this, you will become humble

Accept the things which you do not change. It will give your peace

Everything is not in your control. be humble to accept it. 

6th Tool : Appreciate More and Compare Less


With more and more compare, you want only jealousy and hate

If you are better with other, you have the ego to live in better community and hate people less than you whether in money or in any thing. Is hate good? Now, it is bad and it is loss of your personality. 

IF you are less than other, you feel jealousy. You do not tolerate other's success. You want to defeat other with every your negative thought and action. You may use the backbite. You may use the criticism because you are feeling jealousy and unsatisfying with the success of other.

Now what is the solution. Solution is humbleness. Means, you get the inspiration. Think other success is just like light which helps to walk. In darkness, you will unable to walk. So, you say with happy, I am happy to see your success. I wishes, your success will also give the inspiration to everyone in this world. It motivates me to do work hard like you. It motivates me to grow like you. 

Make the daily Notebook

I Appreciate at the End of ______________

I am appreciating to Mr. A for his great idea. It inspired me to think great idea like him 

I am appreciating to Mr. B for his great opinion. It inspired me to give great opinion like you. 

I am appreciating to Mr. C for his success. It inspired me to get success like you. 

7th TOOL : Natural more and Artificial Less


Live in nature more instead in room

Live with kids more time instead young people

Live in natural life more instead artificial life

Live naked more instead clothes

Eat More natural food instead unnatural food

All will give you humbleness

Morning eats fruits

Afternoon green veg and salad

Evening again fruits 

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