5 Top Health Benefits of Eating Spinach ( PALAK )

Spinach has lots of Vitamin A, B and C ,other minerals like

Calcium 10%99 mg

Iron 21%2.71 mg

Magnesium 22% 79 mg

Manganese 43% 0.897 mg

Phosphorus 7% 49 mg

Potassium 12% 558 mg

Sodium 5% 79 mg

Zinc 6% 0.53 mg

which gives us health benefits. Necessity is to read, understand and use this food as natural medicine for solving your problem. You can eat in your morning paratha. You can eat it as salad. You can eat it as sag ki sabji.

1. Helpful to Cure Your Infection and Inflammation

Whether there is inflammation and infection in joints, in liver, in kidney, in skin, in eyes or any body parts. Eat daily spinach or palak and see its magic. Try it minimum for 1 month. It has antioxidant. This antioxidant helps to cure and prevent chronic diseases.

2. Helpful to Increase the Eyesight

Are you using glasses. You can remove it if you eat raw spinach daily because it has lots of vitamin a which increases the light of eyes.

3. Helpful to Boost Your Blood, Hemoglobin and Iron

Spinach or palak has big amount of iron. So, with this, you can boost your blood, hemoglobin and fulfill the shortage of iron in the body.

4. Helpful to Fulfill the Shortage of vitamin B6

This vitamin is very necessary for  neurotransmitter synthesis. It helpful to boost of dopamine for your success. Simple eating spinach.

5. Source of Energy

It has 79 mg Magnesium. If you feel tired fastly and eat 5 to 10 leaves of spinach.

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