How to Perform an Enema at Home

First of all you should know what is enema. Enema is the name of the supply of water in the rectal cavity to clean the large intestine and small intestine. This is a technique of natural medicine / naturopathy through which we can get health by cleaning the stomach.

Step 1: Understand the benefits of enema

If you want to apply enema at home, then you have to be on a mental prepare first. You should remember the benefits of enema

1. Enema withdraw the food waste from the stomach.

2. Enema strengthens the immune system.

3 enema ends constipation

4. Enema provides benefits in treating every sick person.

5. Enema cleanses the intestines.

Second step: setting for enema

For this, you need a pipe and pipe of enema. Purchase it from our online store.

Open this container, add the water dell and add pipe with enema pot and the enema can be sent up to 1/2 feet inside the anal door and turn on the water nozzle so that water can be supplied.

Third step: be sure to do before enema

Heat the stomach for 15 minutes

1/2 hr stomach wet with miti

Apply a little oil on the enema pipe

Step 4: Be sure after enema

Go to the toilet after 1 minute of enema and clean the stomach

5th step: learn from practical demo with video

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