How to Take Steam Bath at Home

There 4 natural methods of detox whole body for becoming healthier. One is to clean dust through toilet. Second is clean dust through urine. Third is to clean dust through neck withdrawing the bulgam. Fourth is to clean dust through sweat.

In naturopathy science, there are natural way to clean all dust of patient. For cleaning the dust of stomach, there is invention of enma pot. For cleaning the dust of urine, there is invention of hot and cold massage of whole urine system For detox the lungs, there is use of nati. For detox the whole skin, muscles and body, there is invetntion of steam bath.

Following are its Simple Steps 

1st Step. Drink Water For hydrate before Taking Steam Bath 

If your body is already less water and you are taking steam bath, your body will remove the sweat but lack of water, your body will dehydrate and blood circulation will not work batter. So, you will get loss instead getting benefits from it.

2nd Step : Cleans Your Whole Body's Pores by Soup and Normal Water

Few hour before steam bath, you can take the normal water bath and clean all your body pores. When pores are open after removing its dirt outside. It will helpful to detox body toxin through steam bath and sweat can come outside easily.

3rd Step : Never Fulfil Your Stomach with Food Before Steam Bath

Minimum 2 hrs before or after, you can take steam bath. If you have hunger, take some fruits only

4th Step :  Warm Up Body Before Steam Bath

It is good logic, you should warm up before taking steam bath. With this, you can save from cold. Second, it will spead the blood circulation, which is helpful to withdraw the sweat fastly in steam bath.

5th Step : Use Proper Way to Take Steam Bath 

Today, there many ways and methods to take steam bath which very cheap.

a) Go to Bath room  and bath with hot water for 5 to 10 minutes and after this body start to sweat because hot water has also steam which touch and open pores and detox body through sweat. Live in same bathroom for 5 to 10 minutes more

b) Take Hot Shower

It is also home made steam bath

c) Get Steam bath machine

Just buy steam bath machine and use it

d) Make Your Own Steam bath machine

Take small pressure cooker. add its long box where you can sit. When there is water in pressure cooker, steam will go in the box and you will get sweat. Try its personal training from professioinal naturopath first.

f ) Highest boil the water and keep it in your balti and you are see steam on it and touch your body only steam instead water slowly and careful from hote water.


a) Use only underwear in steam bath
b) Cool down the temperature and come out of steam bath after few minutes.

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