How to Gain Weight after Fever

After fever, your both immune system and body will weak and due to this, its bad effect on your weight. If you have eaten medicine, it is sure, your more weight has decreased. At that time to gain weight is challenge. But no problem, if you are in the mission of weight gain naturally after fever, your mind can get chance that I can not grow because I am just came from fever illness.

1st Step : Start to Drink Milk with Ginger

Milk is powerful and weight gainer. but if it has 8 to 10 grade fat level, it will difficult to digest if you come out of fever. One of its solution is add some ginger it. Ginger helps to digestion and also warm body blood for fast fight any health issues.

2nd Step : Start to Eat 2 Time Food with Light Desi Ghee

More desi ghee is heavy and not suitable the patient who come out of fever. So, better is make cooked food in light desi ghee and afternoon and before 6 pm, he or she eat, it is surely, his weight will gain.

3rd Step : Get 10 Hrs Sleep Daily

It is not possible to sleep 10 hrs in night because there are lots of reasons.

a) Anxiety regarding weak body in night
b) Bed going habit. If you go to bed, you will sleep in 9 pm and if you have the good habit of get up early in the morning, you will get up 3 am balance. If you will count this time, your sleep is 6 hrs and 4 hrs is not sleep.

It is old saying. Rest is best medicine. Its ok, you have good habit to get up early, fresh, do small exercise and do office work healthy after fever. But, remember, you need more rest. Normal person needs sleep 8 hrs per day but weak person needs 10 hrs to sleep daily for getting fit. So, after lunch 1 pm, just go to bed day time and sleep to bed and sleep for 5 pm. It will help to gain weight and then go to food and then go to walk for 1 to 2 hrs and then go to again sleep cycle of 8 pm. You can leave day time sleep after achieving your target goal.

if this plan is not ok, you can try if you have your own business.

Sleep 10 am to 12 pm

and again sleep

Sleep 1 pm to 3 pm

Keep daily journal of get up and sleeping and record daily time in it to track how much time did you sleep full and satisfied.

4th Step : Start to Eat Fruits, Fruit Juice, Salad and Small Dry Fruits Daily

Every day eat some fruits, fruit juice, salad and some dry fruits daily. It will increase your weight fastly because all have good amount of fiber and calories to gain weight. As soon as, your calories intake will  cross the calories consumption level, your will start to gain weight.

5th Step : Never Be Fearful after Losing Big Weight After Fever

Fear disturbs the bp because it generate brain with full of tension. Never be fearful for your current weight loss. It will naturally gain weight. There is no place of fearful person in the world. Fear will carry you again fever and other diseases. So, best is to leave it. Stay motivated and read good books and think positive.

6th Step : Never Mis Daily Light Exercise 

You are still weak but you must not weak from mind. Never lazy to mis light exercise. Now, you do not have fever. Start light exercise daily. It strong your immune system and gain your weight fastly after fever. 

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