Naturopathy Treatment of Jaundice

Jaundice is not disease. It is the symptom that your liver is not working properly. In a day, liver works 500 functions for working the body properly. It is big engine to carry the train of body. Liver helps to digest the food. Liver helps to convert the liquid of digested juice into pure blood. Its gall goes to intestine and digest its fat. If liver sends same gall to the blood instead intestine, this liver disorder and whole body will converted into Yalow colour. Your eyes looks Yalow. Your face looks Yalow. From these symptoms, we can diagonals that your liver is not doing its duty properly.

1. Positive Thinking

Think positive all time

I do not have any disease.
My liver is working properly.

These positive thinking helps to cure your liver fastly. These words must be repeated in your body.

Give positive affirmation by positive thinking

I have enough internal power to cure jaundice.

2. Slow happy walking

Except Fever, there are only normal symptoms of jaundice like yellow face or eye, you can walk. But, I do not recommend work. Only slow and happy walking will input your brain which is the controller of body. With this, liver will do work properly and everything will ok. If you will stop walking, you will become weak instead of powerful. So, walk normal.

3. Stop to Eat Non Veg and eggs
4. Stop to eat Fatty food
 5. Stop to drink cold drinks
6. Eat fruits and green vegetables
7. Yog and Meditation 

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