Naturopathy Treatment of Cirrhosis of Liver

Today all the hospitals are full of patients because day by day life style is becoming so bad. Late get up and late sleeping. Eating too much. Eating late night. Fighting, over sex with life partner, jealousy with other, eating junk food, fast food, drinking soft drinks, cold drinks and not eating fruits and green veg. are the major causes of liver cirrhosis.

If you want to cure it naturally, you have to take following steps.

Following are its simple steps

 1. Stop negative emotions 

 Never bring negative emotion. Control your mind and body. Control your knowledge and action sensors. No negative emotions in mind, self heal will work fastly and your liver cirrhosis will cure automatically without any medicine.

2. Happy walking 

 Only slow and happy walking will input your brain which is the controller of body. With this, liver will do work properly and everything will ok. If you will stop walking, you will become weak instead of powerful. So, walk normal.

3. Control breathing 

Pranavayam or controlling breathing is very important to realive liver cells because with this more and more pure oxygen will go to liver to remove cirrhosis of liver.

4 Stop to drink, smoking, eat non-veg. and eggs and oily food and fast food.

Never drink alcohol, never use smoking, never eat non veg and eggs and oily and fast food. All increases dust in the liver and your cirrhosis of liver will not cure.

 5. Stop to eat sweet and salty food

Immediately stop all artificial sweets and confectionery food and salty food and snacks.

 6. Drink only natural water. 

Keep mud jug in the home and drink its fresh water.

7. Eat organic fruits and vegetables

Eat more and more organic fruits and green vegetables. It is tonic to detoxify your liver.

 8. Stop to eat allopathy medicine.

Immediately stop all allopathy medicine if you are the patient of cirrhosis of liver and you want to cure it naturally. 

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