What is asthma? | Respiratory system diseases | Dr. Vinod Kumar

Asthma or asthma disease is the inflammation in the airways of the lungs and it happens due to long time cough. In this disease, you will face short breathing when you will take ten or more steps. In this, there will be the narrowness of muscles of breathing. You will face dustful mucus in your cough in asthma. Asthma attack is one of serious condition which should be cured. Air pollution, eating of allopathic medicines and life style mistakes.

Nature of God has made some automatical system in the body. Whether, I take the breath or not, it will continue without my desire. In 24 hrs, 8000 Ltr blood goes to the lungs and there oxygen adds in it.  Bronchus is pipe type passage of airway that helps to transport the air into lungs. If there is any inflammation in it or any other part due to mucus or other infection, it will not work properly and you will face the difficulty of taking breathing and you will see the symptoms of asthma. 

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