How to Celebrate Guru Purnima

Today is 16th July 2019 and whole India is celebrating the Guru purnima. In every person's life development, there is big contribution of Guru. This is also not exception in my life. My life has also developed with the hard work of my all gurus. They taught me, they guide me and they given me great knowledge. In your life, your Gurus may have big role. So, today, we have to celebrate Guru purnima with following simple Steps.

1. Follow His Given Lesson

Every Guru of this world gives one great lesson. If you want to celebrate real Guru Day in the form of Guru Purnima, you need to follow on his lesson. What is Guru saying to you.

Focus on the thing which you have some ability to do and carry it to highest level instead focus on your weakness. For finding your quality, Guru has done many hard work day and night and Then Guru has given the lesson that this is the quality which we have to develop by focus on it. But you are so idiot. We just give only whatsapp message or facebook photo copy and paste but you only focus on your weakness. 

Whether there is small body weakness or small disease or small defect in the body or small problem of life, you start to focus many hours on it by thinking only on it. Many days, you just think on it. Many years, you only think about it. It is big insult of Guru. 

Guru ji told us

Never think your weakness

Never think about your disease, it will natural heal. Stop focus on it

Never think small defect in the body, Only God is perfect and You are creation of God and you have to create for big useful creation for this world. 

Why Guru Told you about this

Because Guru wants to increase your self-confidence. Self confidence is your believe of your ability in your hand. Without focus on developing your quality, it is not possible. Guru wants to boost your energy by focus on your strength and practice of this instead focus on your weakness. Weakness will increase by remembering it, by thinking it, by focus on it. 

I have explained in following video that only Focus on our abilities and increase our self confidence, we can real respect to Our Gurus on this Guru purnima. Otherwise, we are just insulting our Gurus because if you will fear or lack of self confidence, people will ask who is your bad Guru who had unable to boost self confidence in you.

2. Write the Gratitude Notebook and Letter for Your Guru

Write the Gratitude notebook in which you are remembering the kindness of Guru's time, energy and hard work for making you pure Gold. You can write a thankfulness big letter to your Guru. I have also written gratitude letter to my Guru and I felt happy to give it to my guru.

3. Never Hijack Your Mind 

Today, one of great way to give respect your Gurus by giving commitment to your Guru that you will not hijack your mind. Guru ji has taught already that win the mind means win the world. If you want to win your mind, never give your mind control on other's hand. If  other will hijack your mind without your permission, they will use it for their benefit and you can not do nothing. No goal achieve, no success and only sadness in your life. Is it respect to your Guru. Control your mind and win all the fight by making brave your mind. It can only possible if you will care yourself and spend your some time in nature without smart phone. 

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