A Quick - Start Guide to Natural Treatment of Fatty Liver : Become Confident to Detox Liver in 5 Steps

Our Liver is the engine of our human body. It does 500+ work in a day without tired. Whether, there is the duty of making new blood, detox the poison from blood, help in digestion or control BP by releasing the good chemicals, we should thankful to God million times for this great kindness for us.

But due to your healthy life style mistakes, you make yourself the patient of fatty liver disease. There is no accident outside but you send wrong food, wrong thinking in this body. You also spent your wrong time. All the factors which are responsible of fatty liver.

OK, now good news is that it can convert into normal liver from fatty and inflammation of liver will also remove naturally.

Here, I am giving a quick-start guide to natural treatment of fatty liver for your help. Now be confident to detox your liver in 5 Steps.

1st Step  #  Overcome Emotional Stress

One of major reason of today largest number of fatty liver patients is stress and one of major attacker is emotional stress. If you have learned to overcome emotional stress, you can easily cure your fatty liver. In natural way, you have to start to think positive. You have to focus only positive actions instead life's anxiety and fear. You have to control your anger, guilt, hate, jealousy and ego emotions. You have to change them with peace, love, inspiration and humbleness and respectfulness and gratitude emotions.

All can be possible from increasing your happiness level. I know due to this health stress, your happiness level in a day is zero. Please tell me, all the people who are happy and healthy did also start from zero. They had also zero happiness level but they started it with laugh daily. You can also promise yourself that you will laugh daily minimum 10 to 15 minutes and focus to increase it 1 hr daily. You will go to tour to natural place for happiness. You will do all actions for happiness. As more and more happiness, your fatty liver will start to normal because there is only negativity dust in it which can cure with positivity.

2nd Step  #  Burn FAT by Avoiding Unnatural Food

For removing fat from your fatty liver, you have great weapon of God that is your determination, your commitment, your willpower and your why-power. You have to understand that all unnatural food is responsible to your fatty liver disease. Remember following list and use your current determination capacity to avoid all these unnatural food.

1. Never eat meat, non veg and eggs.
2. Never drink alcohol
3. Never smoke
4. Never drink cold drinks
5. Never eat sugar sweets
6. Never eat meda food
7. Never drink dairy milk, butter and cheese all may be duplicate. You can use desi cow fresh milk
8. Never use refined oil
9. Never use morning and evening salt
10. Never use outside home, junk and readymade food.
11. Never eat roasted dry fruits like roasted badam, roasted kaju and roasted akhrot.

All above food is fat booster in liver and liver will start to stop the work and you will go to liver cancer level and next level is liver failure and no one can stop you. Even liver transplant is not successful. One side, there is big cost of it and second there is no big results. Better is caution. Control diet is the best medicine of nature. Use it and get its great result. You just need to control your mind and overcome your bad habit of short term taste from all above food. You have to focus only long term better result. If you feel impossible to leave due to weak willpower. Start only live on water one day. This will increase your willpower. If you will live on water for one day, you can live 2 days on only fruit. Start to live only on fruits for 2 days. and Think, if I can live on fruits for 2 days, I can live on raw food for 7 days. After completed this, your willpower will increase and you start to live without above food for whole life.

3rd Step #  Best Liver Friendy Food

Now, you have to learn which are the best liver friend food. Which food gives energy to liver to detox and free from its all fat and make its size normal. Not just learn, you have to use them and you have to become master of eating to them. Student only learns and gives exam and ok. But he will not better than master because Master learns, takes own test and start to teach. Your Goal should also same. Eat these liver friendy food. Be healthy and guide others for healthy life like me. I used them, I am healthy and I am guiding to you.

In morning, instead water, drink one glass Loki juice with one nibhu or pudina juice or gloye juice.
In day, one eat one green veg must.
In a day, eat more and more papaya, jamun, bel fruit and awala

4th Step # Stop to Eat All Medicine

Start to practice your life without medicine. All allopathic medicines  damage the liver. You have to think positive that past medicines have the side effect and its fruit is today disease. Now, live your life totally free from eat medicine. Yes, you may face some allergy, fever or eye diseases. All can cure naturally without medicine. In this website, there are 200+ written and video guide content to teach you same. Just search and follow. As you start more and more practice of this, your liver will start to detox from fat and your liver will free from fat totally in the end.

5th Step  # To Do Exercise Daily - 1 Hr morning and 1 Hr Evening

You have to start to do exercise daily morning and evening. Some fatty liver patients may be overweight and they think that one hr morning and one hr evening walking and exercise will decrease their energy and harm more. Actually they are just worry with wrong thinking. You have to think positive that walking and regular movement of body through exercise  will bring energy and detox your liver naturally and you can cure your fatty liver naturally. Exercise is the medicine. Walking is the medicine. More consume, you get more good results.

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