6 Bad Habits that will MAKE you All Time Unhappy

Before reading this content whole tell me me what do you want. Your answer is HAPPINESS. Tell me, is it possible with the bad habits of unhappy people. Your answer is no, you can not happy by following bad habits of unhappy people.

If you will follow the bad habit of unhappy people, you will be all time unhappy. Because their bad habits will make you all time unhappy. Learn from mistakes of unhappy people and see what they are doing wrong all time by making it habit and save yourself from capturing in the grip of same.

So, come and learn all these bad habits and determine to convert it in the 6 good habits of happy people which will make you all time happy.

1st BAD HABIT #  Unhappy People Complains about current bad situation  and bad people.

It is the first and most important bad habit of unhappy people they complain all time. If there is something wrong in their life, they cry and make responsible to his or her situations and connected people. We know at this busy life all are stressful. But is it good and noble attitude that we delegate our own responsibility on others. Yes, it may relief you for small time but you will add in bad and unhappy people who all are not responsible.

Be strong and happy and Take own responsibility for happiness cause.

If situations are bad who will make them GOOD

If your connected people are bad who will stay positive with them


Every situation will become good, if you will start to say thanks what you have. Because your focus is only on gratitude instead complain.

Every people will be good if you will start to thanks what support did you get from them. Because your focus is only on gratitude instead complain.

So, gratitude is truth and complain is lie. Be happy by following this truth. Complain will be unlimited but gratitude for all is one. Focus only one and you will feel better and happy.

2nd BAD HABIT #   Unhappy people compares himself or herself with other.

One of biggest bad habit of unhappy people that they fastly compare everything with other.

They compare their face with bollywood actor or actress

They compare their height with their brothers or sister or parent or friends

They compare the size of their diseases.

They compare their eyes with each other.

They compare their clothes with others

They compare their car, home and earning status with other.

They do this estimate their ability. Their way of checking their ability. Way of estimating their ability or weakness like this is totally wrong. Due to this mistakes, they feel stress because they find they are less beautiful than bollywood film star. They find that they have less height than their friend. They find they have less income than other. All these things decrease their confidence and because of their habit, they do not leave this bad habit. This bad habit makes them unhappy.

Better is to think why are you estimating your ability. You are creation of God. You are so wonderful all the time from birth to death. You see other and get only inspiration not envy or jealousy in your mind. Where there is jealousy, there is no happiness. Happiness comes from motivation and inspiration. So, be inspire and appreciate other's success. Focus on Goal.

3rd  BAD HABIT #   Unhappy people worry before things happen

Unhappy people has the bad habit of over thinking about future. They think more negative about future. It is the duty of mind to imagine. When they are in disease, they allow their mind to show them more bad figure after next few days.

For example, a patient has small inflammation in stomach which can cure with bathing more and more but her or his mind will start to imagine colon cancer or small intestine cancer. So, with this wrong imagination, they start to feel sad and feel unhappy all time.

Yes, there is the problem but always allow mind to make the picture of a healthy person and you will be healthy and happy in all time. Moreover, we do not control over future. We have present. So, we have to make it happy and future will become happy automatically.

4th BAD HABIT #  Unhappy people has the bad habit of doing the things which they do not love. Stop it and start do what do you love.

Unhappy people are so greedy and fearful future. They do work with greed. They do work for overcome fear wrong way.

For example, you do not like a job in a company but still you are doing and feeling all time stress.

Why because you have the habit of unhappy people.

You do because you need money and you get big money from company by doing the work which you do not love. One day, your stress level will increase and all money will going to your heart treatment. What is the benefit.

You are alone in the family and you are fearing if you do not feed by doing same job, your family will die due to lack of food.

Be think wide. Stop narrow thinking. In this world, it is sure, you are made for specific work. If you will do anything which you love for 1 year, it is sure, you will have enough money, you can give the food and luxuries to your whole family and future is so bright and your happiness level will increase day by day.

Love is big power. Only do what you love

Stop to do what you hate.

5th BAD HABIT #  Unhappy people has the bad habit of changing other people. It is risky and also there is waste of time. Best is improve yourself.

Unhappy people starts to changing the other people for own benefits. But they never get any benefit because in this earth of God all have equal power. We can not change other but we can change only ourselves. To change other is risky because other will create barrier because they feel that you are against them and only doing your own business but if you will start to change yourself, you will be happy all time. It is easy and safe.

6th BAD HABIT #  Unhappy people has the habit of pleasing other whether they have no time for this. Say no and get more focus for own goals. 

Unhappy people do not respect the time. They do not use it for achieving their goal. They always accept the invitation of friend's meeting. They always accept phone calls. They always give immediate message on whatsapp. They never make the time table. They never make the schedule. They do not give time to his or her hobby or organisation of own system. In end, they feel lack of time. They feel upset and be unhappy. So, better is to say no if you do not have the time and focus on goal and be happy all time. 

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