The 6 "Secrets" to Control Your BP Naturally - By Dr. Vinod Kumar

I often listen the noise from patients about not controlling BP. Either they have high bp or low BP. BP is must but it must be stable balanced form. Blood pressure should be upto 120 Over 80. It means Systolic pressure must be upto 120 means arteries pressure when heart beat and diastolic pressure must be upt 80 means pressure in the arteries when heart rest. I kept my BP at this position all time naturally.

Today, I am unplugging its 6 secrets. Hope, you will follow it. and it will help to bring both high bp and low bp at optimal level. High bp more than 120/80 ( systolic/diastolic) is dangerous because  it can break your body's any part arteries or veins. Veins are so small and smaller than hair size. So, if your high bp is 140 /90 mmHg or more for more time, your eye's blood vessels may break and you may be blind. Your brain blood vessel may be break and you may be under brain stroke. It can also damage your kidney and liver and intestine blood vessels. If your bp is less than 90/ 60, it may be happen due to lack of blood supply. So, you may be dizziness or your nervous system will not work properly.

So, come and know 6 natural secrets to control your BP

1. Stop Salt in Morning and Evening Food and Stop Sugar Permanent 

Morning Breakfast and evening dinner must be without salt. Salt boosts the blood pressure. If you the high bp or low bp, I recommend you eat morning and evening food without salt. I spend my eating habit like this.

I eat sprout with green veg or fruits in morning.

In morning, there is big need of boost bp because in the morning, you have got up and there is peace of mind. Pressure of blood will low, you have to bring it optimum level without high bp. So, no salt but eating food without salt is best for you in morning and evening. Try and you see its great result for stable your bp problem. These habit is natural medicine for bp problem.

For becoming stable bp person, you need to eat sprout daily. You have to take action to avoid salt in morning and evening by going to fruit market daily to buy fresh fruits. You have to use only black salt in afternoon lunch. There is no magic to bring bp normal but these positive action will make you a person without high or low bp.

Body does not need artificial sugar. All fruits have the sugar, eat same natural sugar.

 2. Drink Minimum 4 Liter Water in A Day Or Keep Room Temperature Upto 25 Degree ( Whole Year ) or Bath Four times in A Day in Summer 

Whether you are working or in home, your room's temperature must be up to 25 °C

In summer, you must user water Cooler and add mud cold water in it and Drinking more water in summer brings body temperature normal. Living high temperature 40+ will be harmful. Never use AC, it may damage your own body immune system.

(A) Your heart has to do more work to pump the blood to skin and bring sweat. So, It will increase High blood pressure.

(B) You will feel heat stress. In heat stress, you will feel headache, dry your eyes, nausea and rapid pulse. This stress will carry fight or flight. So, your bp will be high. If you are already high bp

So, both water cooler and drinking water and bathing is must.

If you have low bp, still, you have lack of blood and you should also avoid to live temperature more than 25 degree Celsius. Because more heat and temperature can vaporisation of your blood. You should also good amount of water which will increase in your blood and increase the amount of your blood.

You have to serious to drink more water in summer. Sometime, you are not in room. Take your water with you and must drink out of room to cool your brain and bring your bp normal. If you are not serious to bring your bp normal, you will do mistake. You will either more cool with ac or live your life without proper body dehydration. Both are wrong life style. Healthy life style will come with your seriousness.


HEATER in Winter and WATER COOLER in Summer

BATHING TWO + Times in SUMMER AND ONE Time in winter

 3. Minimum Walk 5 Kms Daily in Summer and 10 to 20 Kms Walk in Winter

Both low bp patient and high bp patient must walk in summer for 5 kms and winter for 10 to 20 kms.

In summer, tries to walk before sunrise and just before sunset.

In winter, you can also do walk after sunrise and after sunset.

Walking helps to increase the power of heart and blood circulation and arteries and veins. So, your bp will always normal.

For walking, you have to become morning person and early sleeper both have also extra benefit from nature for bp control. Never depend on mood for walking daily for long. Make the habit to get up early in the morning and sleep early in the night.

 4. Control Your Fear and Anxiety

If you are thinking, there may be something wrong in future due to your current low bp or high bp problem, it is called fear and anxiety. Try to control it first because both disturb mind and situation will become worse.

You just take above and below positive actions. If still mind goes in negative thinking. Listen music or om meditation or spiritual songs. All are meditation techniques to control the mind and overcome the negative thinking.

Online there are lots of great teachers and motivators who can guide you. You have to just consume their content and create your mind as per their guidance. Never too much consumption because over consumption can lead to read other taste and you will again read more about fear and anxiety and it brings more fear and anxiety. Make its limit and give time to positive creation of your mind for controlling your bp.

5. Control Hate and Anger

If your mind has the hate and anger for someone in this world, your bp will not control. It will all time low or high because hate and anger both bring poison in the blood and same blood will go to heart and your situation will become so bad.

Bring love in your heart.

Appreciate your enemies, they will become your friend

Appreciate your friends, they will become your brother.

Appreciate your brothers, they will die for saving your life.

Remember, why did we come in this world. We did not come in this world to hate and anger with other. We came in this world to love and help to helpless. If you will focus on this, you will love all and hate never and your bp will all time normal.

6. Smile and Laugh Whole Day

We say high bp as hyper tension and and low bp as hypo tension. Both are related to your tension and tension will overcome with smile and laugh whole day. Because both smile and laugh brings happiness in your mind and happiness helps to heart to beat and rest normal way not abnormal way and your heart disorder will ok and your bp will be normal all time. Except this, your all system like body temperature system, body immune system, body blood circulation system, digestion system, bone system, nervous system, respiratory system will do best with smile and laugh and its positive effects will on your bp. So, smile and laugh each day.

You can laugh daily one hr and track your BP just for 7 days and I will challenge you that your bp will normal whether you are facing high bp or low bp problem. Track your performance but before this do positive action, so, you can track good results only and feel happy.

Watch Video Tutorial of Controlling High BP

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