3 Quick Ways to Cure the Diarrhea with Smart Naturopathy Techniques

Diarrhea is very harmful for good health. It make weak whole body because small intestine and large intestine and stomach pouch do not absorb the food nutrition and it gets out from body through anus in water form. Moreover, whole digestion system does not absorb water through its villi in small intestine, so, there will shortage of water to whole blood circulation and it may be killer for body.

There are lots of reasons like IBS, Ulcerative Colitis and crohn disease, you should focus to cure them first.

You know that natural way is the best way to cure diarrhea and loose motions because there is no side effect in naturopathy and if you will go to allopathy and eat the medicine of diarrhea, you will reach the next disease constipation and if you will eat the medicine of constipation, you will reach loose motion and vicious circle will bring the chronic stomach diseases for you.

One of wonder, when there is lots of benefits of naturopathy treatment of diarrhea why people go to allopathy. Simple, they do not know the use the techniques of naturopathy to cure diarrhea.

So, today, I am going to teach you 3 quick ways to cure diarrhea with smart

Get Ready to learn it.

1. Improved Your Diet Plan

Treatment through your diet is the biggest Boon in naturopathy by God because God has made the nature and just change it you can improve your health. For example, if you have the constipation and if you  eat Papaya, prunes ( allubukhara ), apple, pears ( nashpati ) , kiwifruit, orange and figs ( anjeer ) some days, your constipation will cure, like this, if you will start to change your diet plan only, your diarrhea will cure.

Following are fruits which are the best for curing your diarrhea

a) Awala
b) Banana
c) pomegranate

You can also eat

a) Dahi (Curd ) + Esabgol
b) Rice + Dahi

Following food, you must avoid

Avoid oily and fried food, sugary food, wheat ki roti, nuts, adrak, milk and non veg

When you will change this diet plan, your stomach will cool and with coolness, its intestine will tight and you will cure diarrhea.

Mostly diarrhea and loose motion comes when there is heat in your stomach due to collecting dust by eating unnatural and outside food.

You only to take the decision and see the magic.

Remember : If your diarrhea has totally cure, you will to stop rice and curd more because both will bring cough and constipation if there is no loose motion.

2. Start Breathing Control for Controlling to Boost Immune System

You have listened lots of system like digestion system of body, respiratory system of body, bone system of body, nervous system of body muscle system of body and blood circulation system of body. All these systems are physical and you can see it but when there is dust in body and will not clean this dust, all system will weak. Immune system will help to strong them. But if your immune system will weak with your bad habits, no one will strong it and you will face the diseases.

You have diarrhea because your immune system did not work in your digestion system. Now, we have to only improve our immune system after changing above diet plan and you will see the magic of improved immune system that you will not face diarrhea in your life.

For this, you have to stop your breathe after taking big oxygen in your lungs

5 Seconds non stop take the breathe
15 Second stops the breathe
5 second exhale the breathe

do it daily for 15 to 30 minutes

It is good pranyam

With this, your brain will send oxygen in every part of your body. Immune system is second name of your oxygen. More deeply it will go in the body, more fastly you will become healthy and you will not face diarrhea. It is just focus on bringing oxygen form immune system in the body and it can only possible with breathe control.

3. Start Om Meditation to Control Stress

Stress is very harmful for adverse affect to solving the problem of your diarrhea and loose motion. Whether you have the financial stress, family stress, career stress, relationship stress or any stress of your daily life, it will damage your whole nervous system and central nervous system in the brain. This nervous system control your all the digestion system.

You eat and your mouth opens, why because nervous system gives message to central nervous system and central nervous system is connected with mouth and take action and like this all nervous system connects to small intestine, large intestine and rectum and anus and all will not perform better if nervous system has damaged like there is good fan but there is no electricity or there is damage in battery.

So, charging the battery of brain, you need to relax and do om meditation one hr daily

Speak OM for 15 seconds and repeat it upto 1 hr and your all stress will go and your nervous system will strong and your diarrhea will heal naturally.

Learn Again

5 Seconds take the breathe

Start to Speak OM upto 15 Seconds and

Breathe Again 5 Second

This is one set of OM Meditation

You can also increase the time period from 15 seconds to 30 seconds which will give you more help to control your stress. With this meditation, your BP will also stable and good supply to your digestion system which do better work and it helps to brain and brain makes the positive harmons which increases your pancreas fire and your food will digest better and you will no loose motion in your life.

Now after following above 3 Quick Ways, your Diarrhea with no more. BE HAPPY !

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